Volume 41, Number 2

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 Conference Update: Scheduling for London

Scheduling the conference is a yearly ritual that takes place at ICA headquarters in Washington D.C. in early February. It consists of locking up the Executive Director, the Communication Director, and the President-Elect in a quiet room, with any number of computers and a data projector, and letting them consider...
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 President's Message: Our Midyear Board Meeting Experiment: A Great Success!

From 18-20 January 2013, the ICA Board met at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel (the site of our next conference in May 2014) for our annual mid-ear board meeting. This was not business as usual. Over the last several years, midyear board meetings were conducted online over a 2-week period. Although...
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 Spotlight on Preconferences

In each Newsletter leading up to the conference, we will highlight eight different preconferences and postconferences that have been planned for London. This month, learn more about Multilingual and Multicultural Communication, ICA Political Communication 2013 Graduate Student Preconference, The Political Communication of Young Citizens through Social Media, Language and Engagement...
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 Conference City Sites: Exploring the Square Mile

London as we know it today is a sprawling, gigantic metropolis that occupies hundreds of square miles in the southeast of England. For over a thousand years, however, the name "London" referred to a single square mile of land on the banks of the Thames. Indeed, this is still officially...
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 Record Numbers Register Early for Conference

Already, over 1300 people have registered for the ICA conference in London. Registration has only been open six weeks, making this yet another record in ICA history! By comparison, Boston, our largest conference to date, was at 522 registrants on the same date in 2011. We suspect that the high...
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 Student Column: Professional Networking Online: "Best Practices" for LinkedIn.com and Academia.edu

Thankfully, as communication scholars, we understand the value of networking per se, which means that I don't have to start this column with a "Why network?" justification, and can get on to the "Why online?" question right away. So what is it that can be gained online that might not...
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 Member News & Updates

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 Division & Interest Group News

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 Call for Papers

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 Available Positions & Other Advertising

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To Reach ICA Editors

Journal of Communication
Malcolm Parks, Editor
U of Washington
Department of Communication
Box 353740
Seattle, WA 98195-3740 USA

Human Communication Research
John Courtright, Editor
U of Delaware
Department of Communication
237 Pearson Hall
Newark, DE 19716 USA

Communication Theory
Thomas Hanitzsch, Editor
U of Munich
Institute of Communication Studies and Media Research
Schellingstr. 3, 80799

Communication, Culture, & Critique
John Downing, Editor
Southern Illinois U - Carbondale
Global Media Research Center
College of Mass Communication
Carbondale, IL 62901 USA

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Maria Bakardjieva, Editor
U of Calgary
Faculty of Communication and Culture
2500 University Drive
Calgary, AB T2N1N4 CANADA

Communication Yearbook
Elisia Cohen, Editor
U of Kentucky
Department of Communication
231 Grehan Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0042 USA

ICA Leadership

Executive Committee
Cynthia Stohl, President, U of California-Santa Barbara
Francois Heinderyckx, President-Elect, U Libre de Bruxelles
Peter Vorderer, President-Elect Select, U of Mannheim
Larry Gross, Immediate Past President, U of Southern California
Francois Cooren, Past President, U de Montreal
Barbie Zelizer, (ex-officio), Finance Chair, U of Pennsylvania
Michael L. Haley (ex-officio), Executive Director

Terry Flew, Queensland U of Technology
R.G. Lentz, McGill U
Jiro Takai, Nagoya U
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Cardiff U
Jonathan Cohen, U of Haifa

Student Members
Sojung Claire Kim, U of Pennsylvania
Rahul Mitra, Purdue U

Division Chairs & ICA Vice Presidents
Amy B. Jordan, Children, Adolescents, and the Media, U of Pennsylvania
Kwan Min Lee, Communication & Technology, U of Southern California
Laura Stein, Communication Law & Policy, U of Texas - Austin
Roopali Mukherjee, Ethnicity and Race in Communication, CUNY - Queens College
Radhika Gajjala, Feminist Scholarship, Bowling Green State U
Antonio La Pastina, Global Communication and Social Change, Texas A&M U
Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Health Communication, Purdue
Elly A. Konijn, Information Systems, VU Amsterdam
Brandi N. Frisby, Instructional & Developmental Communication, U of Kentucky
Steve T. Mortenson, Intercultural Communication, U of Delaware
John P. Caughlin, Interpersonal Communication, U of Illinois
Stephanie Craft, Journalism Studies, U of Missouri
Evelyn Y. Ho, Language & Social Interaction, U of San Francisco
David Tewksbury, Mass Communication, U of Illinois
Ted Zorn, Organizational Communication, Massy U
Laurie Ouellette, Philosophy of Communication, U of Minnesota
Claes H. De Vreese, Political Communication, U of Amsterdam
Jonathan Alan Gray, Popular Communication, U of Wisconsin – Madison
Juan-Carlos Molleda, Public Relations, U of Florida
Michael Griffin, Visual Communication Studies, Macalester College

Interest Group Chairs
Philip Lodge, Communication History, Edinburgh Napier U
Richard J. Doherty, Environmental Communication, U of Illinois
Dmitri Williams, Game Studies, U of Southern California
Vincent Doyle, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies, IE U
Adrienne Shaw, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies, Temple U
Liz Jones, Intergroup Communication, Chapman U

Editorial & Advertising
Colleen Brady, ICA, Conference & Membership Coordinator
Michael J. West, ICA, Publications Manager
Jennifer Le, ICA, Executive Assistant

ICA Newsletter is published 10 times annually (combining January-February and June-July issues) by the International Communication Association.

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