Call for Papers

Beyond Gangnam Style: The Rise of Asian Pop Music

Princeton Undergraduate East Asian Popular Culture Conference EastCon 2013
26-27 April 2013
Princeton U, Princeton, New Jersey

Despite recent interest in East Asian popular culture, and in particular K-pop, sparked by the viral success of Korean pop artist PSY, there is a surprising dearth of critical perspectives on East Asian popular culture. In this vacuum, blogs and news outlets have provided much of the commentary. We seek to move beyond the simple celebration of East Asian popular culture, and foster critical thinking and meaningful discussions by focusing on the cultural situation, context, and history of contemporary East Asian popular music. The specific aims of this conference are to explore the emotional responses, related business practices, and critical assessments of all forms of contemporary East Asian popular music.

We invite submissions from undergraduate and graduate students in a range of disciplines, including East Asian studies, history, anthropology, sociology, art, music, film, media and literary criticism.

Those interested in presenting are asked to submit one-page abstracts proposing a talk of fifteen minutes.

We’re open to any topics related to East Asian popular music. Some sample ideas are:

  • Discussion of copyright issues (ranging from plagiarism to fan art)
  • Business models (e.g. similarities and differences to Hollywood studio system)
  • The portrayal of foreigners and minorities
  • The portrayal of female sexuality and censorship
  • Please direct all abstracts to:

    The final deadline for the receipt of all submissions is 26 January 2013. Those selected to give presentations will be contacted by February 2013, and will be responsible for transportation to and from the conference.

    Final presentations will be due no later than April 1st.