Student Opportunity:

The Hong Kong SAR has announced the annual call for applications for a range of extremely generous doctoral scholarships.  You can find the details here:  and

Please encourage any talented students thinking of working for a PhD to consider applying.  You might like to note the following:
1. The scholarships are open to students of any nationality:  ability is the only criterion.
2. Applications may be made in any field of research, including all aspects of media and communication.
3. Scholarships may be held at any one of the 8 public universities in Hong Kong.
4. The scholarships cover fees, living expenses and conference travel costs.

Hong Kong is an excellent place to study media and communication.  Not only is it a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a vigorous media scene, but it has excellent, and well-supported, universities:  four Hong Kong universities are ranked in the top 20 Asian universities in the THES World University Rankings.  There are several very good media and communication departments in different universities, each with its own particular strengths.  My own university, Hong Kong Baptist University, is particularly strong in journalism, film and television, PR, advertising, health and organizational communication research.  Research students have the opportunity to follow courses given by lecturers in the other doctoral programmes across the territory, so it is possible to build up an exceptionally broad knowledge of current issues in media and communication.  The language of instruction in Hong Kong public universities is English. 
While this is a good place to study different aspects of Chinese communication, the scholarships are not restricted to people working on local topics.  Applications covering any aspect of the field would be very welcome indeed.  One of the main aims of the scholarships is to make the doctoral programmes of Hong Kong universities more international in scope and membership, so people of any national and ethnic origin are welcome to apply. 
Prospective students should first submit their initial application online through the Hong Kong RGC's system ( in order to obtain a HKPFS reference number before submitting the full application online to the university of their choice.  Applicants may choose up to two programmes / departments at up to two institutions.  The final deadline for initial applications to the RGC is  12.00 Hong Kong time 1st December 2012. Full applications to HKBU should be sent to: The final deadline for full applications to HKBU is 23.59 Hong Kong time 1st December 2012. (Hong Kong time is GMT+8.)
If you, or any of your students, are interested in learning more about the scholarships, and particularly the opportunities here at HKBU, please contact me for an informal discussion (