PhD Summer School 2013 on Political Economy of ICT

Topic of year 2013 summer school: Internet, its institutions and technologies
20-25 August 2013
Skagen, Denmark
Organizer: Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies (CMI), Aalborg U, Denmark
Summer school website:

Speakers and supervisors:

  • William H. Melody, Professor, CMI
  • Robin Mansell, Professor, LSE
  • Ramjee Prasad, Professor, AAU
  • Knud Erik Skouby, Professor, CMI
  • Anders Henten, Professor, CMI
  • Reza Tadayoni, Associate Professor, CMI
  • The focus of the 2013 summer school is on ‘Internet, its institutions and technologies’. This includes discussions of technology developments, institutions, and governance structures of the Internet from political, economic as well as social perspectives. Furthermore, the summer school will give emphasis to the character of the ongoing convergences between the IT area, telecommunications, and the mass media. The Internet is the prime platform for such convergences, where presently the IT area seems increasingly to take precedence over telecommunications and the mass media.

    The developments of the Internet and the implications of applications of the Internet for communications, the media, and the cultural industries will be seen in light of broader directions and forces of information society developments. The 2013 PhD summer school features Robin Mansell's book 'Imagining the Internet' and the discussions this book raises concerning the paradoxes of information and communications in present society.

    The summer school will thus be concerned with the Internet and its institutions and technologies at three different levels: The Internet as such, interactions between Internet developments and other communication, media and cultural industries, and more general information society developments relating specifically to free access vs. intellectual property rights.

    Topics discussed at the summer school include:

  • Political economy of ICTs
  • Institutional analysis
  • Future Internet technologies
  • Internet governance
  • Free access vs. intellectual property rights
  • The political economy of standardization
  • Hegemonic relations in converging media
  • Trends in regulations of converging media
  • The summer school lectures, group work and discussions will take place at Klitgården in Skagen (

    There is limited number of rooms available for the students at Klitgården. These will be reserved based on the first come first serve principal.

    You can also find a hotel or hostel yourself and make the reservation.

    For more information about the venue and accommodation please refer to the course web site:

    For more information please contact Reza Tadayoni or Anders Henten