Apply for an ICA Travel Grant

Participants from developing/ transitional countries and students* from U.S. ethnic minority groups who have been accepted to present papers can apply for travel grants to the ICA Conference in London between 15 January and 1 March 2013. The travel-grant application is available online at

Developing/transitional countries are identified annually by the United Nations. Potential applicants should check the country tier chart on the travel grant application to determine whether they are eligible to receive a travel grant. Countries that appear in Tiers B and C qualify as developing/transitional countries. Note that ICA determines eligibility based on country of residence, not of origin. You must be an ICA member to apply.

Potential applicants should also contact their Division or Interest Group Chair for possible funding from the divisional Annenberg travel grant. Of the $20,000 allocated by ICA for student travel grants, $6000 will be held aside for Divisions/Interest Groups. Up to $300 for each Division/Interest Group will be available from the $6000 to match travel allocations to their student members. Conference program chair Francois Heinderyckx and executive director Michael Haley will review the applications provided through the online application form. From the remaining $14,000, they will use their discretion (considering the general distance of travel to the conference, etc.) in providing up to $500 for qualifying applicants. Applicants will be notified by 1 April.

Additionally, each Division and Interest Group may award travel grants to students selected for top paper or other honors. Applicants will receive notification of the results by 1 April 2013. ICA travel grants will be available at the conference registration desk on Tuesday, 18 June 2013. Divisional paper awards and Annenberg travel grant awards will be delivered in the awarding Division or Interest Group business meeting.

Recipients must pick up their checks at conference registration with a form of identification. Any unused funds will be added to the amount available for 2014.

While the amount of the grants depends on actual travel costs, the overall availability of funds is limited. A $5 surcharge on each conference registration and other available funds finance these grants.

*ICA membership along with membership in the accepting division or interest group is required for consideration.