Giving to the International Communication Association

We would like to thank you for considering a donation to the International Communication Association. ICA is a not-for-profit that relies primarily on membership and conference fees and publication royalties for its income. Although ICA has been doing well financially in recent years, the organization needs to look toward its future. In doing so, ICA hopes to establish the resources necessary to pursue the Association's mission. Your donation enables ICA to achieve the purposes of:

  • Providing an international forum to enable the development, conduct, and critical evaluation of communication research;
  • Sustaining a program of high quality scholarly publication and knowledge exchange;
  • Facilitating inclusiveness and debate among scholars from diverse national and cultural backgrounds and from multi-disciplinary perspectives on communication-related issues;
  • Promoting a wider public interest in, and visibility of, the theories, methods, findings and applications generated by research in communication and allied fields.

The ICA Executive Director is always available to discuss giving options. Gifts can also be listed as "anonymous" if you wish to maintain privacy. Please note: Donations should be in US funds.

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Donation Opportunities

ICA has numerous funds to support, both for the association at large and for specific division and interest groups. To learn more about the various ways to donate, click here.

Association Funds

  • Annenberg Graduate Student Travel Fund
  • ICA Office Building Fund
  • ICA Student Travel Fund
  • Larry Gross Travel Fund
  • Securing ICA's Future

ICA Division/Interest Group Funds

  • C. Edwin Baker Award for the Advancement of Scholarship on Media, Markets and Democracy
  • Children, Adolescents and Media Division Awards Fund
  • Environmental Communication Division Scholarship and Engagement Fund
  • Feminist Scholarship - Teresa Award Fund
  • Frederick Williams Prize for Contributions to the Study of Communication Technology
  • Health Communication - Abby Prestin Dissertation of the Year Award Fund
  • Health Communication - Amanda L. Kundrat Thesis of the Year Award
  • Information Systems - Hunter Award Fund
  • Instructional/Developmental - Kibler Award Fund
  • Interpersonal Communication - Garrison Top Applied Paper Award Fund
  • Keith R. Sanders and Lynda Lee Kaid Best Political Communication Article of the Year Award Fund
  • Organizational Communication - Redding Dissertation Award Fund
  • Organizational Communication - Student Travel Aid Resource (STAR) Fund
  • Public Relations - Grunig and Grunig Dissertation and Thesis Award Fund
  • Public Relations - Robert Heath Top Paper Award Fund
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