Member Benefits

ICA Annual Conference Registration Discounts

ICA holds an annual conference at which hundreds of research papers are presented and over 2,300 scholars from all over the world participate. The conference provides the ample opportunity to network with colleagues who share your teaching and research interests worldwide. We recognize outstanding contributions to the field through awards and fellowship programs. ICA Members qualify for discounted conference rates, where both membership and conference registration together are a better value than a nonmember registration.

ICA Travel Grants

Each year, ICA awards grants to qualifying members to help with annual conference expenses. Divisions and Interest Groups also offer funding and top research awards to members of those sections.

ICA Journal Subscriptions

ICA Membership includes subscriptions to our 5 professional journals, available online or in print. Members also receive online access to all previously published journals dating back to the first issue of Journal of Communication in 1951.


Access to MyICA

MyICA is the members-only section of the ICA website geared toward professional social networking. The site includes the member's personal profile with contact information, specific research-related keywords and an open-text area where the member might write a short descriptive paragraph about research interests. Members can also indicate their interests regarding collaborative works. All ICA members can filter for any of these factors while searching our membership directory, Find A Colleague, greatly increasing networking possibilities.

Members can also customize preferences including journal hard copy subscriptions, divisions or interest group choices, and communication preferences from ICA administration or section leadership. It's even possible to print out past invoice receipts on ICA letterhead.


Access to Division & Interest Group Memberships

ICA has 25 division and interest groups that one is eligible to join as an ICA member. As a division member, you will receive email notifications from the division chairs with the latest news both in the association and within the field, as well as invitiations to division events.


The Graduate Student Network

The Graduate Student Network (GSN) is dedicated to the graduate student members and early career scholars of the International Communication Association. Its goal is to provide key resources for academic achievement, professional development, and work-life coherence for graduate students and early career scholars, so that they may build a meaningful, successful career.

A key component of this strategy is building and enhancing a comprehensive Early Career Scholars' Network. A separate GSN website highlights several aspects of this network, including: ways and strategies to get involved with ICA and network with other scholars, news and information on opportunities available, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for early career scholars, and a mentoring platform that be will online shortly.

Graduate student members are represented on the ICA Board through two Graduate Student Representatives (GSRs).


Other ICA Publications:

Discounted Membership in CIOS

The Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS) is a not-for-profit organization facilitating the integration of information technology in the service of communication scholarship and pedagogy. Founded in 1986, the CIOS supports a wide range of databases, full text, and other electronic journals and services. These include the ComAbstracts and ComIndex databases and the Visual Communication Concept Explorer. Individual membership in the CIOS provides access to all CIOS services.

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