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The name of the division shall be the Feminist Scholarship Division, previously the Feminist Scholarship Interest Group.


The Feminist Scholarship Division works to transform present social relations into more egalitarian and just ones through: 


  1. promoting communication-related research that builds upon the literature of feminist scholarship to advance current debates on issues such as the social, political, and economic construction of gender; the relationship between gender and race, ethnicity, class and sexual identity; and the relations of power between women and men;
  2. providing forums for the presentation and discussion of such research;
  3. facilitating networking among scholars with relevant research interests;
  4. fostering the broad dissemination of findings outside of (as well as within) the group; and
  5. encouraging the development of appropriate new methods, including those that seek to empower women.


Any active member of ICA is eligible for membership in the Feminist Scholarship Division.




 Section 1 - Officers and Duties 

The division will have three elected officers, consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary-Historian, and the Immediate Past Chair, who shall serve ex-officio. The Chair will preside at the annual meeting of the division and will represent the division on the ICA Board of Directors. The Vice Chair will coordinate the submission and review of papers and other presentations at the ICA annual conference, and will automatically become the Chair when the preceding chair retires. The Secretary-Historian will be responsible for keeping notes of the annual business meeting, for keeping division records, and for carrying out the announcement of candidates and elections process. The Immediate Past Chair coordinates the nominations of feminist scholars for ICA’s Annual Awards, and serves as an advisor to the members of the Executive Committee. 

Section 2 - Executive Committee 
The officers of the division shall comprise an Executive Committee, which is chaired by the Chair of the division. The chair is responsible for calling meetings (or telephone conferences) of the Executive Committee as required during the year, presiding over such meetings, and maintaining contact among Executive Committee members during the year. The Executive Committee identifies issues of interest to the division, and puts these before the Members for discussion and advice through electronic mail, regular mail, or at the Annual FSD Business Meeting

Section 3 - Other Positions 
The Chair may appoint persons to fill other posts. These will include (but need not be limited to) a Newsletter Editor, who publishes regular issues of the division newsletter; a Membership Coordinator, who is responsible for recruitment of new division members and for maintaining active members; and two Nominations Coordinators, who will solicit candidates for elected and appointed positions from among interested members of the division. Openings for these positions will be announced in the division newsletter and/or special mailings at the same time that officer and other positions are announced.

Section 4 - Terms of Office
The Vice Chair and Secretary-Historian shall be elected in alternate years, each for a term of two years (in comportment with ICA Bylaws). Officers may not serve two consecutive terms in office. Terms begin on the last day of ICA’s annual conference. 

Section 5 - Removal from Office
Any elected officer of the division may be removed from office by the following procedure: At least one-third of the active members of the division must sign a petition to the Executive Director of ICA requesting a special election and including nominations for the office in question. The Executive Director will arrange an extraordinary election within 60 days at the division’s expense, with the challenged officer(s) included on the ballot. The result of the election becomes effective immediately. 

Section 6 - Elections
The division strives to develop leadership skills and opportunities for feminist scholars through an open nominations and election process and through a membership that supports and encourages those whom it elects. The Nominations Coordinators will solicit as many candidates from among the active division membership as are interested and available by February 1. The newsletter and/or special mailings to the full division membership will be the primary vehicles for announcing openings. A ballot containing candidate names, together with accompanying printed philosophical statements (of 100-200 words) by candidates regarding their relationship to feminist scholarship, must be mailed to division members by April 1. The election shall be conducted by the ICA Executive Director, and results of elections shall be announced to the Membership through electronic mail and the FSD Newsletter Con/text. 



Section 1 - Egalitarian Decision Making
Whenever practical and possible, all substantive decisions related to division affairs will be discussed and voted upon at the annual meeting in order to promote consensus building among division members. (See voting procedures below.) Officers of the division forming the Executive Committee will make routine administrative decisions on behalf of members throughout the year. 

Section 2 - Annual Meeting Agenda
The division business meeting agenda at the annual ICA conference will be composed by the Chair and will include a summary of division business for the year, a fiscal report, and any other items for discussion or action suggested by other division officers, appointed leaders and members. The agenda will be printed and given to members attending the business meeting. Agenda items requiring action must be so identified and shall be discussed and voted upon by active division members. 

Section 3 
- Voting
Voting at the annual meeting will occur by voice vote for items on which there is no serious division among members. A written ballot will be used for agenda items on which there is disagreement that can best be resolved by a secret vote. Only active division members (i.e., those whose ICA and division dues are current) may vote. On items requiring a ballot, the Secretary-Historian (and a second person s/he asks to assist) will count ballots and announce results. A simple majority (one half plus one) of the persons present shall decide results. Ballots shall be kept one year for record. In the event of a tie, a second round of voting may be held. 

Section 4 - Meeting Protocol
Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) will provide a guide for conducting meetings, as required by the official ICA Bylaws (9/89).


Amendments to the Bylaws may be suggested by any Member or Officer of the division, or by a special purpose ad hoc committee appointed by the Chair. Amendments arising from the Membership should be accompanied by a rationale and should be submitted to the Chair. The Chair will ask for review and advice from members of the Executive Committee. Suggested Amendments must next be circulated to the full FSD Membership through electronic mail (or through regular mail) at least 30 days before the ICA office issues an official ballot through regular mail. When possible, suggested Amendments should be issued in advance of and discussed at the Annual FSD Business Meeting. An affirmative vote of the majority of the ballots returned shall be required for acceptance of the Amendment(s). The Amendment(s) will take effect immediately following the counting of the ballots and announcement to the Membership via electronic mail and on the FSD website.


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