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Sponsors and supporters of the PR Division
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Sponsors and supporters of the Public Relations Division

The contributions donated by sponsors and supporters are used to fund the annual Awards ("Bob Heath Top Paper Award" and the "Grunig and Grunig Thesis and Dissertation Award") and the organization of the Division's annual conference (reception, travel grants). 

Institutional sponsors

The Planck Center for Leadership in Public Relations for the Annual Award "The Plank Center Top Student Paper Award"

The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication for the ICA 2016 conference in Fukuoka, Japan


Individual supporters & sponsors

PRD members who donate to the award funds.


Donation opportunities

  1. You can donate online through the ICA website ( and pay by credit card. You can select the specific Fund you would like to donate to, check your personal information is correct, click continue and provide your credit card information to conclude the donation.
  2. You can mail a check (US $ only) addressed to ICA along with a short letter or a note informing it’s a donation for the PR Division, or for a specific award if that is your preference (e.g. Grunig and Grunig Thesis and Dissertation Award Fund or the Bob Heath Top Paper award).

Checks should be sent to:

International Communication Association

PO Box 418950

Boston, MA 02241-8950


Please note that if you want to donate to the division as a whole, rather than to a specific fund, then you will need to send a check, since it’s not possible to do this online at the moment.


THANK YOU for your ongoing contribution!


International Communication Association
1500 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036 USA

Phone: (202) 955-1444

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