Call for Papers

Amateur Video & Journalism

25-26 May 2018
MacEwan University (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Among the many changes introduced by new media technologies to news practices, the growing utilization of user generated content is one of the most challenging. Amateur videographers are capturing dramatic events around the world and then sharing them, not only on social media platforms, but with professional news media organizations which are eagerly incorporating the images into professionally produced news stories. The presence of amateur images in news discourses is a growing phenomenon that is reshaping the profession of journalism, news coverage, and public expectations.

The issues raised by these practices often involve tensions between labour precarity and professionalism, entertainment and evidence, centralized and decentralized management of news rooms, traditional and emerging forms of social media news narratives, truth and immediacy.

We invite scholars and practitioners to submit abstracts exploring how user generated video content is changing news gathering around the world.

The symposium will bring together scholars and practitioners to share ideas and experiences in connection with the utilization of user generated video content in professional news coverage. We invite submissions addressing a range of themes:

How are amateur videos transforming labour practices among journalists and the structural organization of news media?

How is user generated video content influencing the construction of meaning in news coverage?

How is user generated video content influencing the construction of meaning in news coverage?

How is the use of amateur video in news content reorganizing professional and non-professional practices of production?

What are the theoretical, methodological and historical considerations helping to understand and explain the growing use of amateur video in news content?

Other topics related the above themes.

The proceedings of the symposium will be livestreamed. They will be published on the website.

Abstracts (300-500 words, including references) to be considered for inclusion in the symposium, should be emailed to the convenors by January 31, 2018 clearly identified by “UGC 2018” in the subject line.

Please submit your Abstract to the following email address:

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