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Communication, Culture, & Critique publishes critical, interpretive, and qualitative research examining the role of communication and cultural criticism in today's world. The journal welcomes high quality research and analyses from diverse theoretical and methodological approaches from all fields of communication, media and cultural studies. Sites for enquiry include all kinds of text- and print-based media, as well as broadcast, still and moving images and electronic modes of communication including the internet and mobile telephony. Communication, Culture, & Critique specifically encourage scholarship which is critically informed, methodologically imaginative, and careful in its exposition and argument. The journal welcomes contributions examining the role of communication from all theoretical perspectives and using all forms of inquiry.

Submission Guidelines. Effective July 1, 2010, all submitted manuscripts must be prepared in strict accordance with the 6th edition (2nd printing) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA; see Authors may find the following article from the ICA Newsletter helpful; it details the main differences between the 5th and 6th editions of the APA Publication Manual: (click for article) For more tips, refer to the APA Style Cribsheet.

Manuscripts should be a maximum of 30 pages in length (including the abstract and all references, tables, figures, appendices, and endnotes).

  1. Page 1 must include an abstract (maximum of 120 words) and selected keywords (at least 5 of author's own).
  2. Page 2 starts with title and main text.
  3. Standard type (12-point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1.0 inch margins) should be used throughout.
  4. Running head and page numbers on top right corner (header) of each page.
  5. References are double-spaced; 2nd and subsequent lines should have hanging indent of 0.5 inch (References should also start on a new page).
  6. All tables, figures, appendices and endnotes should be placed after references.
  7. Submit only 1 main document (including all tables, figures and appendices) in WORD format (.doc) extension. NOTE: We do not accept PDF files.

In addition, please remove all author names and institutional information from manuscripts, so as to enable blinded peer review.

Manuscripts that do not follow these requirements or that are otherwise deemed unsuitable for publication will be returned to the author(s) without review.


Inquiries regarding manuscripts should be directed to:

John Downing
Editor-Elect, Communication, Culture, & Critique
Southern Illinois U - Carbondale
Global Media Research Center
College of Mass Communication
Carbondale, IL 62901 USA

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