Health Communication Division


Jeff Niederdeppe, Vice Chair
Department of Communication, Cornell U
476 Mann Library Building
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-255-9706

The Health Communication Division is committed to excellence in research on both the development and the application of theory to health communication problems. Communicating about health takes place intra-individually, interpersonally, within groups and networks, in health care organizations, in policymaking forums, in the mass media, online, within and between institutions, and in society as a whole.

The division accepts three types of submissions:

1. Full Papers

Please abide by the 25 pages (excluding blinded title page, abstract, references, tables, and figures) limit. The Division provides awards to the top paper authored solely by a student and to the top paper that is student-led, so student authors who want to be considered for these awards should indicate their student status on the title page.

2. Innovative Panel Proposals

Very few panel proposals can be accepted so they must show innovation and provide exceptional added value (i.e. more than just 4-5 papers grouped together by theme). Panel proposals should include: a) title; b) 75 word program description; c) 400 word panel rationale; d) names and affiliations of presenters.

3. Extended Abstracts

The goal for extended abstracts is to get feedback on current research and to present the latest in the field. Therefore, the abstract should report on data that are already collected with at least some preliminary analysis conducted to share results. Abstracts are not appropriate for exclusively methodological or theoretical papers without any empirical findings. The body of the abstract is limited to 600 words (references, tables & figures do not count against this total). In addition, the entire extended abstract (including references, tables & figures) should be no longer than 5 pages double-spaced. Extended abstracts will be paneled in high density/extended sessions or as interactive paper presentations (posters) and are not eligible for top paper awards.


All papers should be fully blinded – do not include author information in your submission. We reserve the right to reject un-blinded papers without review.

You may submit more than one submission to the Health Communication Division. However, only one first-authored submission will be accepted for presentation in this division. If you submit more than one first-authored submission that receives high reviewer scores, we will ask you to choose only one to present at the conference.

To increase the likelihood of your submission being reviewed by the most appropriate reviewers, when submitting on All Academic, type-in specific key words related to your theoretical framing, methodology, and content area of health communication. Note: The key words pull-down list may not be as helpful as writing in key words.

All submissions must follow the ICA submission guidelines and should be submitted as PDF files online at the ICA website by 16:00 UTC, 1 November 2017. Full papers and extended abstracts that include author names MAY be automatically rejected. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged. To reach the conference website, go to the ICA home page at and follow the link for 2018 Conference Submission. If you have questions please email the Program Planner & Vice-Chair, Jeff Niederdeppe, at