Information Systems Division


Zheng Joyce Wang, Chair
School of Communication
The Ohio State U
3145 Derby Hall, 154 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

The Information Systems Division focuses on original scientific research on how information is generated, processed, and distributed, and how individuals and society are affected by information in various contexts (e.g., health, politics, technologies, education, business, advertising, culture, journalism). All levels of analysis (e.g., intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, societal) are welcome.


 The Division prides itself on developing a conference environment encouraging dynamic interaction between scholars with data and ideas to share. Most papers accepted for presentation will be programmed into high-density sessions. These sessions will feature extremely brief (3-minute) oral presentations of each study followed by author/audience interaction taking place at research posters created by the authors.


 Please note: Due to space limitations, ICA will be implementing a new “digital poster” format for high-density sessions whereby authors present an abbreviated poster, slides, or infographic on their personal laptop/touchscreen device, or provide paper hand-outs to attendees. High-density posters affixed to an upright wall or structure will not be permitted.


 Student submissions are encouraged. Only full completed papers solely authored by students are eligible for The Top Student Paper designation, which will be presented in The Best of Information Systems session. In addition, there is another session, The Promising Student Research, will be devoted to another four best student submissions. Only full papers or extended abstracts solely authored by students will be considered for The Promising Student Research panel. Please identify your paper as a student paper when submitting it through the All Academic System, not within the body of the paper itself.

Submission Types


 Three types of submissions will be accepted for review. Only completed papers (either empirical or theoretical) will be considered for The Best of Information Systems panel at the conference.


 Submissions that do not observe page limitations will not be sent for review. Neither will submissions with author identification. Submissions with a significant portion of content that has been previously presented at ICA or other conferences will not be reviewed.


We encourage authors to prepare both full papers and extended abstracts in accordance with the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). The submissions will be evaluated on their theoretical and methodological merit, innovation, contribution to the field, and potential relevance to the Information Systems members.

The three types of submissions are:

Category 1: Completed papers or extended abstracts reporting on new research. This category includes all empirical studies reporting new results. Completed papers are limited to 25 pages, double-spaced. Extended abstracts are limited to 4 pages, double-spaced. All page limits exclude references, tables, and figures.

Submission of extended abstracts for review implies acknowledgement by the authors that data will be collected, analyzed to the extent suggested in the abstract, and presented at the upcoming conference regardless of findings.

Category 2: Theoretical or programmatic research papers. This category includes substantial new syntheses of several related studies (programs of research) or major reviews of important bodies of research. Completed papers are required and are limited to 25 pages, double-spaced. The page limit excludes references, tables, and figures.

Category 3: Panel proposals featuring debates or spotlights on current issues, bodies of scholarly work, or methodologies. Panel proposals should include participants’ names, abstracts of papers, background information on participants, and a justification for the panel. This justification should explain the importance of the topic and why it is of interest to Division members. There is no page limit.

Call for Reviewers

To ensure the punctuality and quality of our review process, we need a large number of volunteer reviewers. We encourage all faculty members, PhD’s, and doctoral students in our Division to volunteer to review submissions. Please enroll as a volunteer in the ICA submission site at the time of paper and panel submissions. Please update your ICA member profile, including your research interests, to facilitate our process of identifying the appropriate reviewers for each submission.


To show appreciation for your volunteer work The Division will recognize top reviewers by presenting the Most Valued Reviewer Award at the Division business meeting in Prague. The names of the top reviewers across divisions will also be submitted to the ICA Top Reviewer pool for an opportunity to win a free conference registration.



The Best of Information Systems


Information Systems Division recognizes the top papers, including a Top Student Paper. The top papers will be presented at The Best of Information Systems Panel.

Awards will be presented at the annual business meeting. To be eligible for the top student paper, student authors must indicate their status: PLEASE IDENTIFY your paper as a student paper if you are a single student author or all authors are students when submitting your paper through the ICA submission system, not within the body of the paper itself. The authors must be students at the time of submission.


Annie Lang Dissertation Award

The Information Systems Division invites nominations for the Annie Lang Dissertation Award. This annual award recognizes the most outstanding dissertation in a topic relevant to the Information Systems Division in the preceding year. The award will be presented at the Business Meeting of the Division during the ICA annual conference.

The rules for nominating a dissertation are:


The dissertation must be completed and successfully defended between 1 January and 31 December of 2017. The author of the dissertation does not need to be a member of the Division but must be an ICA member in order to be considered for the award.


Dissertations may be nominated by the dissertation advisor or a dissertation committee member.


Nomination materials should include: (a) full contact information of the author and the nominee, including name, phone number, mail address, and email address; (b) official proof of the completion of the dissertation along with the completion date; (c) a 500-word abstract of the dissertation; (d) a statement describing the intellectual significance and broad impact of the work and why it is deserving of the award (up to 1000 words); and (e) selected sections of the dissertation, or a paper distilling it, up to 40 double-spaced pages, including references, tables, and figures.


The deadline for receipt of nomination is midnight of 29 January 2018 (Greenwich Mean Time). Submissions must be made electronically in PDF form to Zheng Joyce Wang at or using “Lang Dissertation Award Nomination” as the email subject line.


If you have any questions about the submission process of the Information Systems Division, please send an email to Information Systems Division 2018 program planner and Vice Chair: Narine Yegiyan at