Journalism Studies Division


Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Vice Chair
Hebrew U of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus
Department of Communication
Jerusalem 91905

The Journalism Studies Division encourages submission of scholarly work that advances our understanding of how journalism works within individual regions or comparatively across regions. Subject areas include, but are not limited to, the functions of journalism in society, the structural and cultural influences on journalism, the attitudes and characteristics of journalists, and features of news content and their effects on consumers. Of interest are the relationships between journalism and power, democratic standards, economic pressures, technological change, and academic critique. The Journalism Studies Division is also interested in submissions attempting to clarify, define, and question core concepts in our field, such as “news,” “media,” and “journalism,” which are increasingly vague in meaning. The Division accepts two forms of submissions: scholarly papers and panel proposals.

Scholarly papers should be original and innovative. They can be either theoretical in focus or employ quantitative or qualitative methods at an advanced level. Papers should be no longer than 35 double-spaced pages, including tables, figures, references cited, and notes. Only full papers will be considered for review. Book chapters can also be submitted under this category, as long as the chapter can be evaluated on its own. If you submit a book chapter, please include a short introductory note about the subject and scope of the book as a whole and about how the submitted chapter fits within the overall book. All papers must be original for ICA: submissions should not be published, presented elsewhere, in press, or under review anywhere else until after being submitted to ICA. Any paper discovered not to be original to ICA will be disqualified. In preparing submissions, please remove all author information from the manuscript to facilitate the double-blind review process. Any paper identifying the author will be disqualified. For student submissions (in which all authors are students), click the appropriate button in the All Academic system during the submission process; do NOT indicate student status on the manuscript itself. There is only a single paper competition comprising both student and faculty papers. 

The Division also accepts panel proposals, but because very few panel proposals can be accepted they must provide exceptional added value. Besides topicality and substance, international composition is another strong point of successful panel submissions. Consider, too, the number of panelists you propose to include. It is difficult to have a successful panel with more than five participants or presentations or to justify a panel with three or fewer participants. Panel proposals must provide all the information required by the All Academic template, including a rationale for the panel and individual abstracts from each participant.

For the 2018 conference, the Division also encourages panel submissions adhering to the theme of “Voices in Journalism Studies.” The purpose of these special panels, which link to the general theme of the Prague conference, is to create space for reflexive and dialogic engagements with the diversity of voices in journalism and journalism studies. Proposed panels can address theoretical and conceptual issues regarding voice and related concepts (e.g. news diversity), present state-of-the-art research on the representation of different voices in the journalistic field and in news coverage, reflect on the voice of journalism studies within the public sphere, or introduce contemporary research from areas of the world or scholarly areas that have not been well represented in journalism scholarship at ICA. To propose a themed panel, please title the panel proposal as: “Voices in Journalism