Language and Social Interaction Division


Jessica S. Robles, Chair
Loughborough U
Department of Social Sciences 
Margaret Keay Road, Brockington Building
Loughborough, Leicestershire
Phone: +44(0)1509 223371

Language and Social Interaction (LSI) research is focused on the study of language use, discourse, and interaction. The LSI Division welcomes submissions about the social uses of language or embodiment in various contexts of human interaction. Among the range of research perspectives found within the Division are: discourse analysis, ethnography of communication, conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, semiotics, embodied communication, social constructionism, social psychology of language, as well as other approaches. Theoretical, empirical, critical, and practical works are welcome using qualitative or quantitative methodologies. Most LSI work includes some empirical analysis of situated discourse and language in use. One resource for those wondering about the fit of their work in the LSI division is the Handbook of Language and Social Interaction (Fitch, K., & Sanders, R. E. (Eds.). (2005). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates). See also “discourse analysis means doing analysis” by Antaki et al. 

Paper & Extended Abstracts. Individual paper authors should submit either a full paper (~25 pages) or a well-developed extended abstract similar to a conference-presentation length paper (1500-3000 words). All paper submissions (full papers & extended abstracts) will be judged together, however, only full papers will be considered for the Top Paper and Top Student Paper Awards. Extended abstracts should at minimum include a rationale/background, description of methods (if appropriate), and at least some initial analysis (as appropriate). 

Note: Papers and extended abstracts will typically be programmed as panels (3-5 presentations). However, high-density roundtables (6+ presentations) and poster sessions (posters) allow us to accept more submissions. Please indicate with your submission whether you are willing or not to present your paper in a particular format (particularly where this may make the difference between accepting and not accepting your paper). Please do not submit any papers that have already been submitted to other divisions, accepted for publication, or published. 

Panels. Panel proposals should include a title, 150-word abstract, 400-word rationale for the panel, and abstracts from each panelist (at least a list of participants) if appropriate. Because LSI accepts extended abstracts, higher-ranking panel proposals should use the panel format in innovative ways (so, not just four papers on a similar topic). Respondents are customary but not required. 

Roundtables (same submission criteria as panel proposals). Roundtables need not involve formal paper presentations: they may involve 7-minute talks on a single theme, for example, followed by interaction with audience. Roundtables are also appropriate forums as ‘high-density’ sessions or workshops. Feel free to be creative. 

Please read the ICA submission rules carefully for information about preparing your document and de-identifying authors. You may submit more than one submission to LSI, however, only one first-authored paper will be accepted for presentation in this division. Attendees from “soft currency” countries and ethnic minority members may apply for financial support from ICA’s Diversity Travel Funds. Please apply for consideration by sending a separate message addressed to the program planner listed above. You will need to be a member of the LSI division and attend the business meeting to receive the travel grant.