Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Special Issue Call for Papers

Culture and Communication in Negotiation and Conflict Management

Submission Deadline: 15 January 2018

Special Issue Editor:
Wendi Adair, University of Waterloo

Culture is defined broadly as a social group with shared values and norms that are reinforced and perpetuated through the group’s institutions. Culture defined by national borders is one conceptualization; culture defined by gender, religion, lifestyles, careers, and generations are also predictors of what, how, and when someone communicates, as well as interprets, and responds. What refers to communication content: meaning the speaker conveys and meaning the listener interprets.
How refers to linguistic style, nonverbal cues, context dependence, and communication medium. When refers to temporal patterns such as timing, pacing, and temporal horizons.

We invite empirical and conceptual submissions addressing culture and communication in diverse negotiation and conflict management contexts including topics such as:

Please submit your manuscript at: (click on the Special Issue submission link). When preparing your manuscript, carefully follow author guidelines at: Provisional timeline:

Manuscript submissions due: 15 January 2018; Initial decisions: 1 March 2018; First round revisions due: 1 April 2018; Final manuscript due: 1 May 2018.

Please direct topic ideas and special issue inquiries to Wendi Adair:; contact Michael Gross, NCMR Editor-in-Chief, at with inquiries about NCMR.