General Nomination Guidelines 

Nominations from any country and in any language are encouraged. The Research Awards Committee will use a system of independently selected referees fluent in the language of the nominated publication(s) to assess work in languages other than those represented on the committee. For nominations made in a language other than English, nominators should provide a list of at least three referees with superior content expertise and language proficiency, but the committee will choose referees autonomously.

Only ICA members may make nominations. 

For most awards, at least one member of a research team and at least one author of an article or book must be a member of ICA in order for the team/article/book to be eligible for an ICA Award, with the exception of those nominated for the:

The Research Awards Committee prefers nominations from others, including group nominations from ICA divisions, over self-nominations. Members of the ICA Research Awards Committee and its subcommittees may also make nominations, but no ICA member who makes a nomination or who is nominated for an award can serve on the committee judging the nomination.

Supporting materials should be sent to the person making the nomination. All nominators must submit one PDF containing all of the following:

  1. Letter(s) of nomination, not to exceed two pages apiece, speaking directly to each of the award criteria from the description,
  2. Publication(s) relevant to the award (If the publication is a book, arrangements should be made with the publisher to ship 1 copy to each of the committee members. Jennifer Le will arrange this with the publisher.
  3. Additional required material(s) specified for the award, and
  4. CV(s) of the nominee(s).
  5. All nomination materials should be submitted electronically by 31 January of each year, 23:00 GMT at The link to the submission site will be active on the homepage during the nominations period.