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Posted By Tolu Ilupeju, Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Children, Adolescent, and the Media Division

Members of CAM have been staying very busy these past few weeks – with so many individuals serving as members on our annual awards committees.  Thank you to EVERYONE that helped out! The results of these awards have just been announced, and we proud to congratulate so many of our CAM members on their scholarly accomplishments. Below is a listing of the 2018 CAM award recipients.


Kathleen Beullens (U of Leuven - School for Mass Communication Research)


Amber van der Wal, Karin M. Fikkers, & Patti M. Valkenburg (U of Amsterdam)

What’s in it for them? Teens’ Differential Preferences for Types and Contexts of Televised Aggression


Heather Kirkorian, Koeun Choi, Seung Heon Yoo & Roxanna Etta (U of Wisconsin-Madison)

Child characteristics, media characteristics, and selective attention moderate toddlers’ learning from screen media


Amy Nathanson (Ohio State U) & Ine Beyens (U of Amsterdam)

Associations between Television Exposure and Executive Function among 12-18-month-old Infants


Brigitte Naderer (U of Vienna)

The Impact of Product Placements in Children’s Movies: Content, Effects, and Protective Measures


Eric E. Rasmussen (Texas Tech U), Autumn Shafer (U of Oregon), Malinda J. Colwell (Texas Tech U), Shawna White (no affiliation), Narissra Punyanunt-Carter (no affiliation), Rebecca L. Densley (Texas Tech U), and Holly Wright (Texas Tech U)

Relation between active mediation, exposure to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and US preschoolers’ social and emotional development


Marie-Louise Mares (U of Wisconsin-Madison)

All recipients will be acknowledged at the CAM business meeting in Prague, so please do make sure to attend the meeting to congratulate our members on their accomplishments! And, as always, be sure to stay for the CAM reception afterwards. Taylor & Francis (the publisher of the Journal of Children & Media) has once again agreed to help support our CAM reception – thank you T&F!

One last thing: are you following CAM’s digital presence? You should be! Our website (https://ica-cam.org/) is frequently updated and our Twitter feed (

@icacamdivision #ica_cam) is keeping us busy. Join the fun!


Communication and Technology Division

2018 Call for CAT Award Nominations

The ICA Communication and Technology Division is seeking nominations for the Frederick Williams Prize for Contribution to the Study of Communication and Technology and the Herbert S. Dordick Dissertation Award.

Please submit the nominations and address any questions to Mike Yao (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Chair of the ICA CAT Awards Committee, at mzyao@illinois.edu.


Organizational Communication Division


The ICA Organizational Communication Division is seeking nominations for the Linda L. Putnam Early Career Scholar Award. This award recognizes the contributions of an early career scholar to organizational communication research.

Specifically, this award honors a scholar no more than six years past receipt of the doctoral degree for a body of work that has made a significant contribution to the field of organizational communication and shows promise for continued development. The selection committee judges the contributions and promise of an early career scholar based on the strength of her or his published work, including, but not limited to, its conceptual foundation, argumentative clarity, and rigor; its influence on the field (e.g., as judged by positive citations); the scholar’s productivity at a given career stage; and the promise of existing work serving as a springboard for continuing organizational communication scholarship.

Please submit nominations no later than March 15, 2018 to Bart van den Hooff, Org Comm Division Chair, at b.j.vanden.hooff@vu.nl. This is also where you can address any questions you might have.


The Organizational Communication Division will hold elections for the positions of Division Secretary and Division Student Representative this year. The nominating committee consists of Keri Stephens, Vernon Miller, Chih-Hui Lai, and Millie Harrison. For each position, the committee is planning to bring a slate of two persons who have agreed to run for election to the Division’s business meeting in Prague.

Any division member is free to send nominations for consideration by the nominating committee. To nominate yourself or another active member of the division, please send the following information to keristephens@austin.utexas.edu by April 6, 2018: (1) the nominee’s name and institutional affiliation; (2) an email from the nominee stating that he or she is willing to be considered; and (3) his or her curriculum vitae.

The division secretary role is a 2-year commitment. The Secretary is in charge of 1) maintaining, distributing, and obtaining Division approval of minutes for Division business meetings; 2) administering the annual W. Charles Redding Dissertation Award Program and making the award presentation at the annual meeting of the Association; 3) assisting the Chairperson in administering business meetings; and 4) participating with the chairperson in evaluating the quality of Division programs.

The division student representative is also a 2-year commitment. This representative is in charge of 1) representing students (and to some extent, any early-career scholars) to division leadership, 2) serving as part of the division leadership team (along with secretary, vice-chair, and chair), and 3) assisting with social media activities for the division and on certain nominating committees.

We are looking forward to receiving your nominations for these key positions! We especially encourage candidates with non-North American affiliations. It goes without saying that the nominees need to be ICA members.

Kind regards,

Bart van den Hooff


Mobile Communication Interest Group

15th annual ICA mobile pre-conference.

For the 15th time, scholars will be meeting for the ICA mobile pre-conference. This has become an annual fixture at ICA where mobile communication scholars meet to discuss research, examine coming trends, and perhaps most importantly to catch up with colleagues.  

Playing off the general ICA theme of “Voices” this year’s theme for the mobile pre-conference is “From Voice to ...?” This theme recognizes that in its early life, mobile communication was ONLY voice. Now, of course, it is a plethora of other communication and mediation forms among a broad set of publics. As such, it is a fitting theme for the gathering.

The pre-conference will include four 90 minute sessions that focus on 1) the voice of the elderly in mobile communication, 2) voices from the margins in the Global South, 3) voicing concerns about the framing of research around the metaphor of addiction, and 4) “Polyvocal” analysis of location-based narratives. The pre-conference will be held at the National Technical Museum near to the main conference site. All are welcome to register for the event. You can register at: http://www.icahdq.org/event/id/1052151/From-voice-to-the-15th-annual-ICA-Mobile-Pre-conference-2018.html


Public Diplomacy Interest Group

The Doctoral and Post-Doctoral ICA Pre-Conference “Emerging Research and Trends in Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding” will take place at Hilton Prague on May 24, 2018, starting with 9:00.

This pre-conference aims to be a forum for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to present and discuss their ongoing work on public diplomacy and nation branding, as well as to receive feedback and mentoring from established scholars. We received over 30 submissions, covering a variety of topics ranging from digital diplomacy, evaluation & measurement of public diplomacy, theory building in public diplomacy, and countries soft power, to the role of cities, nation branding or non-state public diplomacy. The list of accepted papers, as well as the final program is to be published on our IG website - http://www.icahdq.org/group/diplomacy.

It is for the first time since the establishment of the Public Diplomacy Interest Group in 2016 that ICA takes place in Central Europe. Therefore, ICA18 in Prague is a fantastic opportunity for emerging and established scholars from all over the world to meet and discuss the further development and growth potential of this interdisciplinary field of study. Facilitating debates on current state of the art, theories and methodologies in public diplomacy, as well as transferring knowledge and mentoring are the best ways to ensure its future.

The pre-conference will take place onsite, at Hilton Prague. The participation fee is US $80 for presenters and non-presenters and includes the coffee breaks and the lunch buffet. Registration for this pre-conference is to be made online at http://www.icahdq.org/event/Preconference37. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Rhonda Zaharna and the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, authors of accepted papers will receive a fee waiver for the pre-conference. You may find details here: http://uscpublicdiplomacy.org/story/rs-zaharna-cpd-sponsor-doctoral-post-doctoral-ica-presenters.

The conference is sponsored by the ICA Public Diplomacy Interest Group together with Lund University, Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group, Syracuse University and USC Center on Public Diplomacy. Organizers and members of scientific committee are: Alina Dolea (Bournemouth U), Diana Ingenhoff (U of Fribourg), Rhonda Zaharna (American U), James Pamment (Lund U), Corneliu Bjola (U of Oxford), Jay Wang (USC Center on Public Diplomacy), and Steven Pike (Syracuse U).

For more info about the preconference, please contact Alina Dolea, edolea@bournemouth.ac.uk.


Interpersonal Communication Division

The Interpersonal Communication Division is thrilled to report our top paper award winners for the 2018 conference:

1. Discrepancies between husbands’ and wives’ emotional support provision following a miscarriage: Implications for relational satisfaction and mental health

Haley Horstman; U of Missouri

Amanda Holman; Creighton U

Andrew High; The U of Iowa

Christine Luckasen; U of Missouri


2. Factors Influencing the Quality of Social Support Messages Produced Online: The Role of Responsibility for Distress and Others’ Support Attempts

Steve Rains; U of Arizona

Eric Tsetsi; U of Arizona

Corey Pavlich; U of Arizona

Chelsie Akers; U of Arizona

Michael Appelbaum; U of Arizona


3. Relationship Maintenance as Stress Management in Fast Paced Families

Tamara Afifi; U of California Santa Barbara

Kathryn Harrison; The U of California, Santa Barbara

Nicole Zamanzadeh; U of California, Santa Barbara

Michelle Acevedo Callejas; U of Iowa


4. Forgive and Forget: A Typology of Hurtful Events and the Use of Forgiveness Strategies in Marital and Dating Relationships

Pavica Sheldon; U of Alabama - Huntsville

Mary Grace Antony; Western Washington U

Top Student Paper:

Examining Theories of Communication – How do Communication Trainers use and Evaluate Scientific Theories of Communication?

Halina Bause; Heinrich-Heine U Duesseldorf                                                                                  


We look forward to seeing you at our business meeting in Prague!

Jennifer A. Samp

Chair, Interpersonal Communication Division                                                         


Visual Communication Studies Division

Congratulations to those whose research was accepted for presentation at the 68th Annual ICA Conference. Visual Communication Studies papers and panel proposals were very competitive this year and we were able to accept only about 46%. The Association received a record number of submissions for the Prague Conference and had a similar acceptance rate.

Many thanks to all of you who reviewed papers and panels for the Division! As a result, we are offering a very exciting program, and I will work hard to promote  all of our panels at the conference. I’ve received emails from several authors whose work was accepted, as well as those whose work was not, thanking reviewers for their rich and comprehensive comments. I strongly encourage those whose work was not accepted to submit again next year for the Conference in Washington, D.C. And remember that, as the CFP notes, full papers stand a better chance of acceptance than extended abstracts.

Those of you planning to travel to Prague and attend the Conference should book your room and air travel ASAP, if you have not already done so.

Finally, keep your eyes open for another announcement of the VCS Prague Preconference. Graduate students, young scholars, please seriously consider attending. It is an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback on  your current research projects from established scholars in the field. In addition to the larger Conference, it is an event that has proven to be a useful occasion for professional networking. I’m asking other, more senior, members to please encourage those who might benefit, to attend.

I’ll send more about the program in a future email around mid-March.

See you in Prague!


Catherine L. Preston, PhD

Chair, Visual Communication Studies Division, International Communication Association, 2017-2019.

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