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Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 3, 2018


Dear ICA-CAM members,

The countdown is on!  Only a few short weeks until we flood Prague with communication scholars from around the world.  I am very much looking forward to this year’s program and hope you are as well. As you prepare for Prague, there are a few things that I would like to highlight. Each is discussed below in detail, so skip/scroll to the information that is most applicable to you.  (And PS, while you are add it, go ahead and SAVE this email since it is full of useful information #protip )

1.      Finding CAM at ICA

2.      Your Presentation – Know Your Format!

3.      Staying Connected

4.      CAM Business Meeting

5.      CAM Reception

6.      Special Surprise!

Scroll down to read all of the useful information!

(1)     FINDING CAM AT ICA. New to CAM this year? Or perhaps just unsure of how to find the awesome CAM scholarship at ICA?  We’ve got you covered with two options to help you out. First, you can use AllAcademic (https://convention2.allacademic.com/one/ica/ica18/) and click “View Online Program”. From there, you can select “browse by division” and – voila! – everything you need is in one place.  Or, because your CAM officers like to keep things extra easy, you can just go to the ICA-CAM website and download a brief one page CAM session sheet ( https://ica-cam.org/upcoming-conference/#CamSchedule)

(2)     YOUR PRESENTATION - KNOW YOUR FORMAT. Please make sure that you know the format of your presentation. As with previous years, I have played with a variety of formats (traditional paper, panel, hybrid-high-density, poster, research escalator!) so that the best scholarship has a chance to shine in the best way possible. The program details your format, but if you have ANY questions, just email me to double-check.  And, if you aren’t sure what your format means, you can visit our website for relevant information (https://ica-cam.org/upcoming-conference/#SubmissionInstructions ) to ensure you know how much time you have, how many slides are recommended, and other helpful tips.  This is particularly important if you are part of a hybrid-high density session since these FORMATS HAVE CHANGED since last year! Also, keep an eye out for emails from your assigned chairs and discussants, they will help make sure you are ready to go!

(3)     STAYING CONNECTED. There is a lot of information to share between now and throughout the conference. I will rely on email to help you stay connected, but to avoid clogging your inboxes, I will also make sure to keep our social media space active. #ProTips! We have an active space on Twitter (@icacamdivision) and Facebook, so go head and follow us in one of those spaces to stay connected. And, during the conference, please use the hashtag #ica_cam for an automatic retweet.  Share thoughtfully!

(4)     CAM BUSINESS MEETING. As always, your fellow officers and I would love to see all of your faces at the CAM Business meeting – which will be held on Sunday evening at 17:00 (5pm). Come learn about the planning of this year’s conference, updates from ICA, discussion about our new website, important upcoming initiatives, and more. And - the MOST FUN – help us celebrate our incredible award winners! All CAM members are encouraged to attend (yes, graduate students / early career folks – this means you TOO!)

(5)     CAM RECEPTION. Immediately following our business meeting, we will have our CAM reception (party time!).  Special thanks to Taylor & Francis (JOCAM publisher) for helping to sponsor this event. We will be providing drink tickets during the business meeting, so be sure to attend the meeting before and stay for the reception afterwards!

(6)     SPECIAL SURPRISE. Surprises are always fun, aren’t they?  Well, I have been speaking with the good folks at Taylor & Francis and they agree. So this year, to acknowledge all of the awesome CAM awesomeness, T&F is going to make a select number of articles that I have chosen Open Access for the month following the conference.  The selected articles will be announced at the business meeting, so stay tuned :)

I hope that this information is helpful as you begin to prepare for Prague.  If you have any questions, please email me at j.piotrowski@uva.nl.  I’m looking forward to a fabulous conference and to seeing so many of you!

Best wishes, also on behalf of your fabulous CAM officers,

Jessica Piotrowski

ICA-CAM Chair & 2018 Program Planner




Dear CM Members,

With the ICA Conference just 4 weeks away, we would like to give you an update on the Computational Methods program.

Session format:

Although this is only the second year for CM to accept and program submissions, we have received a very impressive number of high quality papers, extended abstracts, and panels (well done, everyone!). As CM is still a very young interest group, it is our goal to foster a sense of community and accommodate as many submissions as we can. We opted to have more high density sessions with 7 or 8 presentations rather than “traditional” sessions with only 4 presentations. This requires the authors to present creatively within time constraints (75 minutes per session) - see below.

Note that most of the CM sessions this year will take place at the main hotel (Hilton Prague), except Saturday May 26 and the reception on Sunday May 27.

 Friday May 25: Hilton Prague

 Saturday May 26: Hilton Old Town

 Sunday May 27: Hilton Prague (the reception will be at Hilton Old Town)

 Monday May 28: Hilton Prague

High Density Sessions:

Traditionally ICA encourages presenters in high-density sessions to bring a poster as an additional visual aid to their short presentation. However, this year, due to space constraints,  there is no space for posters on the wall for high density sessions. We suggest that, for a session of 8 papers presentations, participants should aim at around 5 minutes per presentation to allow time for discussion. In lieu of traditional posters, participants are encouraged to bring paper handouts or digital posters set up on digital devices.

Room setup:

In past years, we have sometimes been able to set rooms with round tables rather than theatre style. This year space constraints made this impossible. All rooms are set theatre style to maximize capacity. If a roundtable format is more desirable, session chair and participants might want to pull chairs into a circle or grouping, but please be conscientious about resetting the room for the next session to be fair to your colleagues in other divisions/IGs. Also, there will be no extension cords for plugging in. All devices should be fully charged prior to sessions.

Tool demo:

For the tool demo session, due to space constraints we are not expecting to have special facilities beyond the projector. For this session, please prepare a presentation of at most 3 slides in 3 minutes to show the goal, design, and/or usage of the tool; and be prepared to demonstrate the tool to interested colleagues using your laptop only.

Important Dates:

The CM business meeting will take place on Sunday, May 27, 17:00 to 18:15, at Hilton Prague, M, Hercovka.

Afterwards we will have a joint reception with Communication Science and Biology, Game Studies, and Information Systems, on Sunday, May 27, 19:00 to 21:00, Hilton Old Town, M, Dvorak I.

We look forward to seeing everyone at ICA!

Cindy Shen, vice chair

Wouter van Atteveldt, chair

Frederik De Grove, secretary




ERIC has an excellent social media profile with over 5000 followers on Twitter. Please do send us your achievements to share with our network - whether new books/articles/chapters, awards promotions, job opportunities, along with your twitter account (if you have one and are interested in linking the tweet to your account). I apologize for being a bit slow in posting your achievements, but when I do so, I have had a hard time finding your accounts. You can send an email to hdzmiriam@gmail.com with your news and follow us at @EthnicityRace and/or join our Facebook Page: Ethnicity and Race in Communication  https://www.facebook.com/groups/162878167112707/



Here is a reminder about the presentation formats of Information Systems Division.  

This year, there is an important change (and the only change) from previous years. Per requirements of our conference venues, ICA does not allow big posters that high-density sessions used to utilize (read more below). To motivate the creative and effective use of the new format of high-density posters, we will select one “Best Poster Award” with a cash award of $100 among high-density presenters.

The three formats of Information Systems’ presentations are the following.

(1) High-Density Sessions of Information Systems Division

In keeping with our time-honored and much loved "high-density" format, the vast majority of our accepted submissions are programmed into this format. High-density sessions are considered our division’s regular sessions. Typically, there are eight presentations in a single high-density session. In these sessions, the author(s) prepares a brief (i.e., around 3 minutes) presentation of their study as well as a poster.  The session begins with a presentation from the author(s), followed by author(s)-audience interaction around the posters in the same conference room.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your session starts, allowing time to set up your “poster” and handouts, and upload your short presentation to the conference room computer if you plan to use presentation slides.

Here are the instructions from ICA:

“Please note: Due to space limitations, ICA will be implementing a new “digital poster” format for high-density sessions whereby authors present an abbreviated poster, slides, or infographic on their personal laptop/touchscreen device, or provide paper hand-outs to attendees. High-density posters affixed to an upright wall or structure will not be permitted.”

This change has the largest impact on our division among all the divisions at ICA as the vast majority of our presentations are programmed as high-density sessions. (How to better adapt to this change will be a discussion at our business meeting. Please attend and share your ideas!) To motivate the creative and effective use of the new format, our division will select one “Best Poster Award” with a cash award of $100 among all the presenters from our high-density sessions upon the completion of the conference. More details on the award, including evaluation criteria, will be announced in a separate email next week.

IMPORTANT: Although ICA makes it optional, our division asks each presenter to prepare and bring A4 sized (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches) paper hand-outs to distribute to interested audience from the session.  The digital poster is optional for our division. This decision is made based on the consideration that some members may not have suitable mobile devices to present a digital poster. The Best Poster Award of high-density sessions will be evaluated based on the paper hand-outs.

Typically, 10-30 copies of hand-outs should be sufficient for a presentation, depending on how many in the audience would like a copy. The authors can be as creative as possible to design both the hand-outs and the digital posters. The hand-out and the digital poster for the same talk can have the same or different elements and design, depending on what the authors think is most effective for communicating their work.

(2) ICA-wide Interactive Poster Session

If your submission has been programmed into the ICA-wide poster session, you need not prepare a brief presentation, but only a traditional print poster. This session is the large poster session organized by ICA across all divisions and interest groups, where your work can be exposed to the largest, most diverse group of audience at ICA. Please read ICA’s guidelines for the posters here:


(3) “Best Papers in Information Systems Division” and “Promising Student Papers”

As in the past several years, we programmed two full-paper presentation sessions this year.  The “Best Papers in Information Systems Division” session showcases four full-paper submissions selected based on a range of review metrics. It includes one top student-only paper and three faculty-coauthored or -authored papers. In addition, following a new tradition that we started a few years ago, we’ll have a “Promising Student Papers” session that features highly rated student-only submissions. It includes four papers this year. For both full-paper sessions, each paper will have 15 minutes presentation time. No poster is needed.  

Let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!

Joyce Wang (Chair)

Narine Yegiyan (Vice Chair)

Zheng Joyce Wang, Ph.D.



Hello members of the Intergroup Communication Interest Group!

Below is a link to the Spring 2018 newsletter with some useful information for the upcoming convention.


Looking forward to seeing everyone in Prague.




Hi everyone,

This year’s ICA conference is almost upon us! Below is information about all the LGBTQ Studies sessions and events. You can also check the post on our ICA website – http://www.icahdq.org/blogpost/1518491/Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender--Queer-Studies – which will be more up-to-date as the conference approaches.)

A few things we’d like to underscore:

(A) * Conference location *: This year, presentations will be split between two venues:

(1) Hilton Prague (listed in the program as “Hilton Prague”; this is the main hotel)

Pobrezni 1, Prague, 186 00, Czech Republic


(2) Hilton Prague Old Town (listed in the program as “Hilton Old Town”)

V Celnici 7, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic


Unfortunately, they aren’t right next to each other (it’s apparently a 12-minute walk) and intersession breaks are only 15 minutes, so you may have to walk briskly if you are moving between venues for consecutive sessions.  

(B) Lukasz is a co-organizer for an exciting * preconference  * on Thursday, May 24: Media, Gender and Sexuality in Europe (see below for details).

** There are a few places available for interested attendees. Please email Lukasz at l.szulc@lse.ac.uk to receive a link for registering for the preconference. Registration is USD25 for early registration (by 30 April 2018) and USD35 for late registration (by 4 May 2018).

(C) Please note the following non-paper presentation events, which all are welcome to attend:

(1) LGBTQ History Walking Tour

Fri May 27 2018, 4:30pm

Meeting point: the red heart-shaped monument of Václav Havel at the Václav Havel Square, beside the National Theatre (see https://www.prague.eu/en/object/places/1631/vaclav-havel-square-national-theatre-piazzetta). The tour will last about 2 hours. Cost: voluntary donation.  

(2) LGBTQ Studies Business Meeting

Sun, May 27, 11:00am-12:15pm

Hilton Prague, L, Amsterdam

Anyone interested in serving as co-chair of our group starting at the end of the 2019 conference (when Eve’s term ends) is especially encouraged to attend!  We’ll also provide updates about relevant general ICA business as well as LGBTQ-specific items.

(3) LGBTQ Studies reception

Sun, May 27, 6:30pm

Location: Q Café (Prague 1, Nové Mesto, Opatovická 166/12, Post Code 110 00), see: http://www.q-cafe.cz/en/who-we-are/cafe/ ).

We invite LGBTQ members to come network with scholars working on gender, sexuality and media in a venue conducive to conversation! The Q Café has drinks and light food options (e.g. soups, snacks, munchies, dessert).  

Best wishes for a great conference,

Eve Ng and Lukasz Szulc

ICA LGBTQ Studies co-chairs



* ANNUAL MEETING IN PRAGUE: add to you calendar.

The most important reasons to go to Prague is of course to present your research and learn more about what your colleagues are doing. There will be 43 excellent political communication panels at the conference along with a great poster session!

In addition there are a few pol com events that you might want to know about:

Friday May 25

15u30: Big Questions for Political Communication research: Special panel with leading scholars in the field.

17u: Pol Com business meeting: learn more about how the division works and who will receive an award. Receive some drink tickets for the reception.

18u30: Pol Com reception: Off-Site Reception, Pivolod Boat Restaurant (15min walk from Hilton hotel). Join us for great food, local beers and meeting all the nice people of our division.

Saturday May 26

17u: Political Communication Interactive Poster Session: Be there!

Sunday May 27

15u: Network event for student and early career scholars: see more info below



The Pol Com Division is sponsoring a graduate student and early career networking happy hour at this year’s conference in Prague -- and you're invited!

The idea is to offer an informal venue for graduate students and early career scholars to get to know one another. We'll start out with a short speed-dating-style session to make sure you meet lots of new people, and then let you loose to mingle further. Make some new contacts from around the world, form or expand your international cohort of junior scholars -- and eat some food and drink some drinks!

We've reserved a space at Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge, in the Hilton conference hotel, on Sunday, May 27 from 15:00 - 17:00. (right before the Journalism Studies business meeting)

Please RSVP on our Eventbrite page (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/political-communication-grad-student-early-career-happy-hour-tickets-45152981784) to get your FREE tickets. If you have any questions, please email me (Shannon McGregor, your Graduate Student & Early Career Scholar Representative) at shannon.c.mcgregor@gmail.com



Special issue Political Communication: Beyond Fake News

Deadline October 1

Political Communication has launched a special issue. We are seeking submissions, full paper submission deadline October 1. Special issue editors are Deen Freelon and Chris Wells. Full call and instructions are found here: http://explore.tandfonline.com/cfp/ah/upcp-si-fake-news-1q2018?utm_source=CPB&utm_medium=cms&utm_campaign=JMQ04574

Special Issue - Central European Journal of Communication : POPULISM AND THE MEDIA ACROSS EUROPE

For this special issue we invite submissions that explore relations between populist actors, media and citizens. We ask scholars interested in this topic to submit original manuscripts no longer than 45,000 characters by September 30, 2018. The Special Issue will be published in Spring 2019. For further information please contact: agnieszka.stepinska@amu.edu.pl



Dear Public Relations Division members,

The 2018 ICA annual conference is almost here! Many of us still have a lot to do before the ICA conference: some are finishing the 2018 spring semester and others are arranging travels in the middle of the students' exams.  We do hope, however, that you will find a few minutes to read our latest 2018 Spring PRD newsletter. We have lots of information for you in the newsletter! Please make sure to take a short journal affiliation survey (a link is available in the newsletter and here:

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QLDMGVX ).

A draft of the 2017 PRD business meeting minutes is also posted on the PRD website, under Business Meeting Minutes. Please review them ahead of the 2018 business meeting minutes as we will not be able to provide hard copies to everyone at the meeting.

Our Vice Chair and Planner Flora Hung-Baesecke has prepared an exciting 2018 ICA PRD program for us, and many ICA PRD members have been working hard to make our 2018 ICA conference unforgettable. So pack your bags and get ready for a grand week in the Czech Republic!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 ICA conference in Prague!

On behalf of all PRD officers,

Katerina Tsetsura

Chair, ICA PR Division

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