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Revue Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication joins Studies in Communication and Media and Communication and Society as ICA’s third affiliate journal

Posted By Cynthia Stohl (U of California, Santa Barbara), Friday, August 31, 2018

Our ICA Affiliate journal panel in Prague was exceptional.  Not only did attendees listen to exciting news about our two prestigious affiliate journals, Studies in Communication and Media published by NOMOS and Communication and Society published by The Chinese University Press, we heard outstanding  presentations from Zhou Shuhua (U of Alabama), Benjamin Krämer (LMU Munich) ,and  Philipp Müller (Johannes Gutenberg U - Mainz), the authors of the selected best article published in each of these journals. We also welcomed (with wonderful French bubbly) our newest affiliate journal Revue Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication.

Our affiliate journal program has grown since 2014 when the board established a new journal category "Affiliate Journal." Affiliate journals serve several of ICA’s internationalization goals. The program is designed to build bridges throughout the international communication community, connect our membership with communication research published in non- English high quality journals, help publicize the finest communication research done throughout the world, and give our members access to new and diverse audiences. An affiliate journal is published independently of ICA in a language other than English and includes extended English abstracts and at least one English language article. The journal meets or exceeds the general standards of an ICA journal and the specific standards developed for affiliate journals.  An affiliate journal carries the ICA imprimatur and is available to ICA members online for free or at a substantial discount (go to our website https://www.icahdq.org/page/Affiliatejournals for access to these journals, the criteria for selection, and the application form). Besides providing detailed annual reports to the ICA Board of Directors, each editor makes a presentation at the affiliate journal panel at the ICA annual meeting.

This year, the editor-in-chief of Communication and Society, Ven-hwei Lo (The Chinese U of Hong Kong) gave an inspired talk, accompanied by an entertaining video, describing the publication process for the 24 research articles that were published in 2017 by authors from China, Taiwa, USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He noted that the journal received 91 extended abstract submissions for a special issue on “The Impact of Digital Technologies on Journalism (five full papers were accepted for publication). He also presented data from a recent survey conducted by the Center for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research at the Chinese U of Hong Kong. The Center selected 11 Chinese language journals in journalism and communication and indexed by CSSCI or TSSCI for inclusion in the study. The results indicate that Communication and Society was ranked as the top Chinese language communication journal in terms of most frequently read, highest quality, and greatest influence. Communication and Society has both a print and an online version. After registering as a member on the Journal website www.cschinese.com, ICA members can view and download all the journal's content. Currently, the journal has 8,200 registered users.

The editorial team of Studies in Communication and Media comprised of Andreas Scheu (U of Muenster), Anne Bartsch (U of Leipzig), Matthias Hastall (TU Dortmund), Christoph Neuberger (U of Munich), and Juliana Raupp (Free U - Berlin) also provided an extensive and lively report on their journal. In 2017, 44 original manuscripts were submitted to the journal by colleagues located in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Nigeria, Spain, and USA. In 2017 the journal also published a special issue “Audience participation via user comments: Towards a comprehensive understanding of a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural phenomenon.” One of the year’s highlights for the journal was that Felix Frey’s SCM article, “Factors influencing the media use of the lower classes during the German Empire (1871–1918)” was awarded second prize as best article published in 2016 in a German speaking journal by the German Communication Association (DGPuK). The journal and its publisher NOMOS are also making some changes that will benefit ICA authors. They are implementing “Advance Publication” for accepted manuscripts in order to shorten the time space between acceptance and publication and plan on extending the international composition of their editorial board in 2018.

Our newest affiliate journal Revue Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication was introduced by Daniel Raichvarg, Président de la Société Française des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication and editor of the journal. Daniel spoke eloquently about the respectful consensus that developed as the journal and the ICA Affiliate Journal Selection Committee (comprised of Daniel Robichaud, CA. Winni Johansen. DK, François Heinderyckx, BEL, JP Gutierrez, ICA, and Cynthia Stohl, USA) worked together during the application period.  In the near future RFSIC will be adapting their website into English, include more members of ICA onto their reading committee, and work to increase the number of submissions. Mélanie Bourdaa presented an example of an important role the  Revue tries to play in our research communities.  She is in charge of La vie des labosResearch Centers News. The aim of this section is to offer the opportunity and a space for research teams to discuss their research, their international partnerships, and the relations between the team and the economic environment. Professor Raichvarg stressed that the journal “welcomes papers from international research teams in order to valorize researches outside of France, highlight the specificities in these teams, and nourish the thoughts of the French teams.”

Overall, the joyous celebration of all our affiliate journal’s accomplishments, the addition of  a French language journal, the quality of papers presented, and the innovative and dynamic editorial work that was highlighted made for a terrific panel and a sense of great optimism for our affiliate journal program. For more information about how to access or submit to these journals, please contact the editors or go to https://www.icahdq.org/page/Affiliatejournals.

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