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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 2, 2019


New book announcement: Neoliberalism and the Media, edited by Marian Meyers, Routledge, published February 2019

About the book:

This book examines the multiple ways that popular media mainstream and reinforce neoliberal ideology, exposing how they promote neoliberalism’s underlying ideas, values and beliefs so as to naturalize inequality, undercut democracy and contribute to the collapse of social notions of community and the common good.

Covering a wide range of media and genres, and adopting a variety of qualitative textual methodologies and theoretical frameworks, the chapters examine diverse topics, from news coverage of the 2016 U.S. presidential election to the NBC show Superstore (an atypical instance in which a TV show challenged the central tenets of neoliberalism) to “kitchen porn.”

The book also takes an intersectional approach, as contributors explore how gender, race, class and other aspects of social identity are inextricably tied to each other within media representation.

Routledge: https://www.routledge.com/Neoliberalism-and-the-Media/Meyers/p/book/9781138094437

Chapters and contributors include:

PART I Where We Are and How We Got Here

1. Neoliberalism and the Media: History and Context - Marian Meyers

PART II Corporations and Markets

2. Reality TV "Gets Real": Hypercommercialism and Post-truth in CNN’s Coverage of the 2016 Election Campaign - Liane Tanguay

3. The Girl Effect: Philanthrocapitalism and the Branded Marketplace of Philanthropic Governance - Dana Schowalter

4. Neoliberalism and Women’s Right to Communicate: The Politics of Ownership and Voice in Media - Carolyn M. Byerly

PART III Responsibility and Choice

5. Numinous Fortune and Holy Money: Dave Ramsey’s Cruel Optimism - John Sewell

6. From Homo Economicus to Homo Sacer: Neoliberalism and the Thanatopolitics of The Meth Project - Michael F. Walker

7. As American as Capitalist Exploitation: Neoliberalism in The Men Who Built America - Christopher M. Duerringer

PART IV: Consumers and Advertising

8. Affirmative Advertising and the Mediated Feeling Rules of Neoliberalism - Rosalind Gill & Akane Kanai

9. Kitchen Porn: Of Consumerist Fantasies and Desires - C. Wesley Buerkle

PART V: Identity and Representation

10. "I Deserved to Get Knocked Up": Sex, Class and Latinidad in Jane the Virgin - John S. Quinn-Puerta

11. An Intersectional Analysis of Controlling Images and Neoliberal Meritocracy on Scandal and Empire - Cheryl Thompson

12. Doing Whiteness "Right": Playing by the Rules of Neoliberalism for Television’s Working Class - Holly Holladay

13. Negotiating Identity and Working Class Struggles in NBC’s Superstore - Lauren Bratslavsky



Book Announcement: Coping with Illness Digitally

Title: Coping with Illness Digitally (MIT Press)

By: Steve Rains, U of Arizona

Overview: Communication technologies have become a valuable resource for responding to the profound challenges posed by illness. Medical websites make it possible to find information about specific health conditions, e-mail provides a means to communicate with health care providers, social network sites can be used to solidify existing relationships, online communities provide opportunities for expanding support networks, and blogs offer a forum for articulating illness-related experiences.

In this book, Stephen Rains examines this kind of “digital coping” involving the use of communication technologies, particularly social media, in responding to illness. Synthesizing a diverse body of existing empirical research, Rains offers the first book-length exploration of what it means to cope with illness digitally.

Rains examines the implications of digital communication technologies on a series of specific challenges raised by illness and discusses the unique affordances of these technologies as coping resources. He considers patients' motivations for forging relationships online and the structure of those networks; the exchange of social support and the outcomes of sharing illness experiences; online health information searches by patients and surrogates; the effects of Internet use on patient-provider communication; and digital coping mechanisms for end-of-life and bereavement, including telehospice, social media memorials, and online grief support.

Finally, Rains presents an original model of digital coping that builds on issues discussed to summarize how and with what effects patients use communication technologies to cope with illness.

Purchase Options: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/coping-illness-digitally



New Book Released on Relationships, Health, and Wellness

By Jennifer Theiss and Kathryn Greene

Announcing the release of "Contemporary Studies on Relationships, Health, and Wellness," edited by Jennifer A. Theiss and Kathryn Greene, published by Cambridge University Press. Close relationships are a vital part of people's daily lives; thus family members, friends, romantic partners and caregivers play an integral role in people's health and well-being. Understanding the ways in which close relationships both shape and reflect people's health and wellness is an important area of inquiry. Showcasing studies from various disciplines that are on the cutting-edge of research exploring the interdependence between health and relationships, this collection highlights several relationship processes that are instrumental in the maintenance of health and the management of illness, including interpersonal influence, information management, uncertainty, social support, and communication.

Although the existing health literature is rich with knowledge about individual and ecological factors that are influential in promoting certain health behaviors, the relationship scholars featured in this volume have much to contribute in terms of documenting the interpersonal dynamics that are involved in experiences of health and illness. To read more about the contents of the book and order a copy visit: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/contemporary-studies-on-relationships-health-and-wellness/6EC60A2ED1A799CA4C6BBEBB74F00595#fndtn-information.



New Book Announcement - Convergent Wrestling: Participatory Culture, Transmedia Storytelling, and Intertextuality in the Squared Circle

Edited by CarrieLynn D. Reinhard (Dominican U) and Christopher J. Olson (UW-Milwaukee)

Series: The Cultural Politics of Media and Popular Culture

This book explores the ways in which professional wrestling has been affected by the current era of convergence, combining a range of genres, character types, business

practices and narratives, all in one spectacle.

20% Discount Available: enter the code FLR40 at checkout via Routledge: https://www.routledge.com/Convergent-Wrestling-Participatory-Culture-Transmedia-Storytelling-and/Reinhard-Olson/p/book/9780815377641.

Also available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, and Google Play.

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