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Posted By Administration, Monday, May 6, 2019


Dear CAM members

We’re excited to let you know that we have a new CAMmer in the Spotlight: Giovanna Mascheroni.

Interested to read more about her work and her new co-edited book on The Internet of Toys? Check out our website: https://ica-cam.org/in-the-spotlight/giovanna-mascheroni/

Special thanks to our wonderful CAM secretary, Ine Beyens, for coordinating yet another great edition of our In the Spotlight series!

Best wishes,

Jessica Piotrowski




Dear CAT members and friends,

Greetings! Spring is in full spring, and the 2019 conference in Washington, D.C. is right around the corner.

With the D.C. conference being so close, now is a great time to get in touch with you, providing updates on the CAT’s planning and preparations, and announcing major CAT scheduled events for your time in D.C.

At the 2019 conference, CAT will have a big showing with 52 paper sessions, 5 panels, 2 high-density sessions, and a heavy presence in poster sessions. Along with your presentations and the fantastic panels you will be attending, CAT has multiple events planned during the conference that we would love for you all to attend. Also, there are a number of excellent pre

and postconferences this year, some of which have rolling deadlines if you're interested in attending, here is the link: https://www.icahdq.org/page/2019PrePostconf

CAT’s big day is on Saturday, May 26. We have a packed schedule with the two top paper panels (Student Top Papers - May 26, 2019 at 14:00; CAT Top Papers - May 26, 2019 at 15:30), the CAT business meeting (May 26, 2019 at 17:00), and the CAT reception (May 26, 2019 at 18:30). Everyone is welcome at these events. Come listen to some great scholarship and learn more about CAT has in the works. We are currently finalizing CAT awards and travel funding, and will be announcing these at the business meeting.

A reminder: the conference schedule is constantly updated, so please check the online schedule before you go to your scheduled session. For more information on the complete list of events, visit: https://www.icahdq.org/.

As the planning for the 2019 conference winds down, I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who worked with me through this challenging year as ICA implemented a new submission system. The new system caused several challenges for all of us. While there were some issues that will have to be worked out for next year, we have taken the feedback that many of you have provided and have sent it to ICA headquarters to help make the system more user-friendly next year.

Nicole, German and I are looking forward to seeing a strong CAT contingency in Washington.


Ran Wei

Vice Chair/2019 Planner




•       Become a member/renew your membership!

•       Pre-Conference: “The Long History of Modern Surveillance”

•       Full Conference Program

Dear members of the ICA Communication History Division,

Following up on our email from last week, we have three quick announcements. We promise they will be brief, but also helpful in accessing important information about this year's May conference in Washington DC.

1.      Membership. This is the time to register for the May meeting as well as renew your membership, if you haven’t already done so. Membership is important to the Division for a number of reasons. Beyond building our community of scholars, becoming a member of CHD provides us with more programming possibility for the annual conference as well as funds to support the excellent work of the CHD community. Follow this link to join us or renew your membership: https://www.icahdq.org/page/join_renew

2.      Full Conference Program. Again, a fantastic program is planned! The full conference schedule can be viewed from the Communication History Division website https://communicationhistory.org/chd-in-washington/ We kindly request that presenters share copies of their papers with discussants no less than two weeks before the conference.

As always, please be in touch with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC!

The CHD Exec Team

Nicole Maurantonio (chair), Derek Vaillant (vice-chair), and Lars Lundgren (secretary)



2019 Teresa Award Recipient:

Radha S. Hegde, New York U

The Feminist Scholarship Division is delighted to announce that Radha S. Hegde has been chosen to be the recipient of the 2019 Teresa Award for the Advancement of Feminist Scholarship. It will be awarded during a ceremony and reception at the ICA conference in Washington,


The Teresa Award recognizes work from established feminist scholars who have made significant contributions to the development, reach and influence of feminist scholarship in communication and/or media studies.

In presenting this award, the Teresa Committee recognizes the impact of Radha’s scholarship, which connects globalization, post-colonialism, culture, and media. The deliberations noted the value of her activist role and advocacy on gender justice and feminist initiatives beyond academia. Radha’s strongest impact is in exploring power through post-colonial lens and engaging feminist theory through globalization and transnationalism.  

All members of FSD, along with friends and family, are encouraged to attend the Teresa Award Ceremony and Reception honoring Radha Hegde, which will be held on Monday, May 27, 2019 at 6:30 p.m, right after the Feminist Scholarship Division Business Meeting, in the Washington

Hilton Hotel, Shaw, First Floor.

Congratulations to Radha Hedge!



Congratulations to Our Division Award Winners! We hope to see you all at the top 4 panel and our business meeting to celebrate these outstanding scholars!

The celebration begins on May 25th at 3:30; Morgan (Washington Hilton, Lobby Level)

See you then!


Top Papers:

Jimmie Manning, University of Nevada, Reno & Katherine Denker, Ball State University: “Justifications of ‘ghosting out’ of developing or ongoing relationships: Young adult anxieties regarding digitally-mediated interaction.”

Wenjing Pan, Renmin University of China, Bo Feng, University of California, Davis, & Cuihua Shen, University of California, Davis: “Social capital, social support, and language use in an online depression forum.”

Tamara D. Afifi, Kathryn Harrison, & Nicole zamanzadeh, University of California, Santa Barbara: “Parents’ relationship maintenance as a ‘booster shot’ for families with type I diabetes.”

Jeffrey Hall, University of Kansas & Andrew Merolla, University of California, Santa Barbara: “Connecting everyday talk and time alone to global well-being.”

Top Student Paper:

Hannah K. Delemeester & Dacheng Zhang, San Diego State University: “Is it simply a matter of saying ‘no’? An ethnographic investigation into the negotiation of unwanted sexual advances among women taking public transportation.”

2019 Outstanding Thesis Award Winner :

Heath A. Howard, University of Alabama: “Deception, trust, and credibility: A Gricean exploration.”

2019 Outstanding Dissertation Award Winner:  

Kellie St.Cyr Brisini, The University of Pennsylvania: “Relational Turbulence and Marital Communication when Children with Autism Start School.”

Travel Awards:

Kathryn Harrison, University of California, Santa Barbara

Jian Jiao, University of Arizona

Yachao Li, University of Georgia

Qin Yuren, National University of Singapore

Registration Waivers:  

Davide Cino

Bingjie Liu

Chiara Dalledonne Vandini

Smrithi Vijayakumar

Lichen Zhen



Dear LSI Member:

We're looking forward to seeing you all in Washington DC for the 2019 ICA Conference in May. This year, we're continuing the Mentorship Program we started in 2013 to build and strengthen our Language and Social Interaction community. Here's how it works: people can sign up to be mentors if they feel ready to do so -- for example, do you present/attend LSI events regularly and do you have experience worth sharing with less experienced members of the division? If you are new to the LSI division, a graduate student, brand new professor, or otherwise wishing you had some advice or a person to ask questions of, sign up to be a mentee. Once we get all the people signed up, we'll match you up and let you know with whom you're paired. You can meet at the LSI social or some other mutually agreed upon time/place.

If you are going to be in DC and are interested in serving as a Mentor OR interested in meeting with a Mentor, please email Jessica Robles (j.j.robles@lboro.ac.uk) with the following information by May 8, 2019:

1) Your name, title, affiliation

2) Your email

3) If you would be willing to serve as a mentor OR if you would like to meet with a mentor?

4) What are your areas of interest/specialty

If you’ve participated in the past, it might also be helpful to let us know with whom you’ve already met.


Jessica Robles

LSI Chair

Ad-Hoc Mentorship Committee



Dear PopComm Membership:

Welcome to our spring update. We are now just a little over four weeks away from the start of the 2019 conference. Read on for information about DC and conference highlights:


“Buddy system”: ICA is a giant conference, and it can be confusing for newcomers to navigate. For this reason, this year Popular Communication will be piloting a “buddy system” to match new attendees with veteran conference goers. We are asking buddies to trade contact info before the conference and meet at least once during the conference, preferably early on. If this system works well, ICA may adopt it across other divisions.

If you’re interested in signing up as a “veteran” or a “newcomer,” please fill out this link:


Panel Chairing: If you are chairing a panel, please be sure to reach out to the participants of your panel soon to discuss the logistics. ICA panel sessions are 75 minutes, and it is the responsibility of chairs to manage time and moderate the question and answer period. If you need help getting the contact info of the people on your panel, please ask me.

Business Meeting: Our division’s business meeting will be taking place Saturday, May 25 from 1700 - 1815 in Holmead (Washington Hilton). Please make every effort to attend!

Reception: Immediately following our business meeting, we will head to our joint reception, hosted with  Visual Communication; LGBTQ; Feminist Studies; Activism, Communication and Social Justice; Philosophy, Theory and Critique; and Ethnicity and Race in Communication. It begins Saturday,  May 25 at 6:30PM. There will be drink tickets (given out at the business meeting) and snacks.

Social Media: Please follow @ICAPopComm on Twitter and join https://www.facebook.com/groups/popcomm/ on Facebook for conference teasers and updates during the event.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Devon Powers

Chair, Popular Communication Division




Dear Members of the ICA PRD,

We are just over a month away from the ICA Conference in Washington, DC!

Please be sure to read the April newsletter of the PRD for important information about the conference and the division's activities.

The newsletter can be accessed by copy/pasting this link into your web browser, or on the division's website.


Looking forward to seeing you all in DC!



Dear fellow members,

As ICA 2019 is approaching fast, I would like to draw your attention to the VCS program in DC and provide some context about the paper competition.

Once again, our schedule looks very promising, with a Young Scholars preconference on Friday 24 May (at American University, more info can be found at https://www.visualcommunicationstudies.net/ica-preconference-2019/), organized by Student Representative Rebecca Venema, and a total of 60 presentations at the main conference, which together reflect the rich and vibrant research community that is visual communication studies. In this regard, I am also happy to announce that besides the Joint Reception, several VCS sessions at ICA 2019 are co-sponsored by fellow Divisions and Interest Groups as diverse as Journalism Studies, Game Studies, and Activism, Communication and Social Justice, which - in line with the 2019 general conference theme - could only further a dialogue ‘across boundaries’, while helping visual scholarship gain visibility in the larger ICA community. So, make sure to check out the VCS program (available online since 1 March) when creating your personal itinerary!

As program planner, I would like to express my gratitude, on behalf of the VCS Division, to everyone who submitted their work and to the many of you who volunteered to review, as well as to the session chairs and discussants, and, especially, to Rebecca Venema for taking the lead on this year's preconference. My sincere thanks to all of you for your commitment and support!

In terms of numbers, the VCS Division received a total of 101 individual submissions - 63 papers, 2 posters, and 36 extended abstracts - and 3 panel proposals. Based on these figures plus membership numbers, VCS was allotted 12 session slots and 6 posters in the DC schedule. After careful consideration of the reviews and given the available space, we were able to accept 30 papers, 2 posters proposals, 18 extended abstracts, and 2 panels, resulting in an overall acceptance rate of 50%. Congratulations to those whose work has been accepted! Unfortunately, these numbers also imply that we had to disappoint just as many. We hope you find the feedback you received valuable, and we encourage you to rework or further develop your research and consider resubmitting it for the 2020 conference in Brisbane, Australia.

As always, the VCS Division also recognizes excellence by granting awards to top-ranked paper and poster submissions. There are separate competitions for faculty, student, and posters/interactive papers. Each awardee is recognized in the conference program and at the VCS Division Business Meeting (on Saturday 25 May, 5:00 to 6:15 pm), and receives a 150$ award. The laureates for the 2019 conference are as follows:

Top faculty paper

“People only share videos they find entertaining or funny.” Right­wing populism, humor and the fictionalization of politics. A case study on the Austrian Freedom Party’s 2017 online election campaign videos -- Cornelia Brantner, Daniel Pfurtscheller, and Katharina Lobinger (IWAF ­Institute for Knowledge Communication and Applied Research)

Top poster

Film Aesthetics of Circular Frame: A Case Study of Film “I am not Madame Bovary” -- Yu Ma (University of Copenhagen)

Top student papers

Aesthetic Disruptions in Everyday Life: Resolving the Contradictions of a Cosmopolitan Ideal in Contemporary Berlin -- Hanna Morris (University of Pennsylvania)

Spectator Multitude: The Epitomization of Reddit Place -- Xuelian He (Georgia State University)

Visuals and visibility in networked public spheres: The 2017 G20­protests, new avenues of policing and implications for visual communication research -- Rebecca Venema

(UniversitaÌ della Svizzera italiana)

In addition, the VCS Division also granted a 'top reviewer' award to Allison Kwesell (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University) as a token of our appreciation for her qualitative feedback, hard work, and last-minute help.

Congratulations to all awardees!

On a final note, please make sure to mark your calendar for the Joint Reception on Saturday 25 May, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, immediately following the Business Meeting. The reception takes place offsite, at The Big Hunt Bar (http://thebighunt.net/).

I hope to see many of you in DC! Very much looking forward to it.

All the best,

Jelle Mast

VCS Division Vice Chair & Program Planner

Dear fellow members,

As a follow-up to the information you received yesterday, we want to provide some details regarding the VCS preconference.

The preconference “Crossing boundaries in visual communication research” will draw attention to how interpersonal and social, cultural, national, linguistic, or moral boundaries are established, eliminated, crossed or transgressed with and in visual communication.

The preconference brings together young researchers (current Ph.D. students and early career postdoctoral researchers) and advanced scholars. It aims to be an opportunity especially for young scholars to discuss their work and the role of visuals for defining/crossing boundaries in society and to receive substantial feedback by peers and expert respondents. Moreover, it is meant to be a forum to jointly discuss current challenges and future directions regarding methodological, theoretical, and ethical boundary crossings in the interdisciplinary field of visual communication research.

The preconference will consist of several formats: an opening keynote by Luc Pauwels (University of Antwerp), a presentation session, workshop groups and a closing plenary. Expert discussants are Prof. Dr. Shahira Fahmy (University of Arizona) and Prof. Dr. Katharina Lobinger (USI – Università della Svizzera italiana). My sincere thanks to the three of them for this commitment and support!

You can find the tentative program here: https://www.visualcommunicationstudies.net/ica-preconference-2019/

I hope to see many of you in DC! I am very much looking forward to it.

Best regards,

Rebecca Venema

VCS Division Student Representative

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