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Student Column- Come and Join Our Student and Early Career Networking Events!

Posted By Sarah Cho (UMass Amherst), Monday, May 6, 2019

Come and Join Our Student and Early Career Networking Events!

By Sarah Cho (UMass Amherst), Vice-Chair of the ICA Student and Early Career Advisory Committee (SECAC)

Yes, finally, it is May! This means that you have to be ready for your presentation in DC while also wrapping up hundreds of tasks such as grading, final project submission, applying for grants, and maybe even defending your thesis before you head to DC. For many young scholars, this is the season of overworking, with countless cups of coffee. Let me ask you, when was the last time you slept well? Do you already feel exhausted and unsure if this is the life you dreamt of when you applied for this program? What about your financial status? Have you found a summer job? Do you have a support group? (I’m not talking about your writing group.) And if so, do you have time to talk to your support group? I know, back in January you were super excited that your paper was accepted to your favorite conference, and DC is well-known for its beautiful atmosphere in May. However, now, at the end of the semester, attending a conference can feel like no more than an addition to the burdens you already have.

We know you, and this is our story too. This year, the ICA Student and Early Career Advisory Committee (SECAC) thoughtfully planned our Blue Sky Workshop under the title of “Can there be a life beyond academia? Achieving Work-Life Balance as Young Scholars.” We expect this event will provide a place for you to safely share your experiences and learn about others’ thoughts on work-life balance and the mental health of young scholars. We invited three tremendous speakers—Mari Castaneda (UMass Amherst), Tanja Bosch (Cape Town Univ.), and Camella Rising (George Mason Univ. and Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch)—to have a conversation with you in this BSW. We might not be able to solve our work-life balance issues there, but we can discuss and raise awareness on this important issue through this event.

We warmly invite you to our BSW in DC on Monday morning: come meet our panel and share your experience!

If you are a first-timer at the ICA conference, don’t miss the New Member/Student and Early Career Orientation session. The SECAC will be there to welcome you and answer your questions. You may find that this conference is too big to locate yourself in, but you are not alone. This orientation session will be the perfect first step for you to build a friendly network with other young scholars.

If you would like to hear the latest news of the Student Community, if you are an SECDR—Student and Early Career Division and Interest Group Representative—or if you found any issue to raise your voice, join our business meeting on Saturday! In the meeting, you will be able to meet the SECAC members—Ido Ramati (Bauhaus Univ.), Camella Rising (George Mason Univ.), Sophia Volk (U of Leipzig), and Clare Grall (Michigan State Univ.). The chair, Julie Escurignan (Roehampton Univ.), and vice-chair, Sarah Cho (UMass Amherst), will be leading the meeting. We are especially glad to introduce our first Global South Student and Early Career Representatives (GSSECRs) at this occasion. Muhammad Ittefaq (Kansas Univ.) and Akwasi Bosompem Boateng (U of KwaZulu-Natal) will begin their two-year term after this conference to serve the network of students and early career scholars from the Global South and to foster exchanges between them and the ICA. If you are interested in networking with young scholars from the Global South, please join the “ICA Global South Student Representative” Facebook page.

And, of course, ICA wouldn’t be ICA without the exceptional SECAC Reception! This year, it will take place on Saturday 25th May from 8 to 10pm at the Exiles Bar (1610 U St NW, Washington DC) . On Saturday night come brighten our party! You deserve to have a relaxed conversation outside of the conference rooms and a cold beer after the long week.

To summarize, here are the events organized by the SECAC during the DC Conference:

  • SECAC Business Meeting – Saturday 25th May, 11-12:30 (Columbia 6, Hilton)

  • SECAC Reception – Saturday 25th May, 8-10pm (Exiles Bar)

  • “Can there be a life beyond academia? Achieving Work-Life Balance as Young Scholars” Blue Sky Workshop – Monday 27th May, 9:30-10:45 (Van Less, Hilton)

If you’d like more information about events dedicated to Student and Early Career Scholars during the DC Conference, please join the “ICA early-career scholars network” Facebook page.

The SECAC looks forward to having you in DC!

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