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Posted By Myrene Magabo (UP Open University), Monday, May 4, 2020

Everyone is invited to join the virtual



Internationalizing Academic Standards

                          Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, And Accessibility For Early Career Scholars


(By Myrene A. Magabo, ICA Board Student and Early Career Representative and SECAC Co-Chair 2019-2021)

Students and early career scholars across the globe. Internationalization Liaisons. Representatives of Divisions/Interest Groups. Those interested in I.D.E.A. (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access). Don’t miss the  #ICA20 SECAC Blue Sky Workshop! This session is titled “Internationalizing Academic Standards: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, And Access For Early-Career Scholars.”


For the past two years (as per a personal experience and observation), the SECAC Blue Sky Workshops have been delivered as an open forum with invited speakers to talk on the topic of interest, and an open forum follows after the talk. The format in 2019 continues for this year’s #ICA20 SECAC Blue Sky Workshop. The only difference is that this year, this session is virtual. In her planning and proposal for the Blue Sky Workshop, Sarah Cho, ICA-SECAC Co-Chair (2018-2020) noted that:


This Blue Sky Workshop will provide an open forum for discussion about ICA’s core value, the inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessability (I.D.E.A.), especially among the young scholars in the Communication discipline. This session aims to invite student/early career members to better understanding of the ICA’s recent statement of the I.D.E.A., and encourage a discussion of this topic within ICA’s Student and Early Career Community.



Students and Early Career Scholars, LEARN, and ENGAGE!  Be sure to attend the #ICA20 Virtual Conference and the ICA-SECAC Blue Sky Workshop!


There shall be no exaggeration (only a possible understatement) to say that the three speakers are excellent, highly knowledgeable, with profound ideas on I.D.E.A.  Gain more understanding about ICA’s internationalization efforts from Dr. Shiv Ganesh, the Chair of Membership and Internationalization Committee, ICA.  Travel back in time from ICA’s past to present with Dr. Ganesh as he speaks from the socio-cultural and historical perspectives on how ICA strives its best to bring inclusion, diversity, equity, and access across the globe. Indulge yourself in the eloquence of Dr. Jasmine McNealy and Dr. Maria Len Rios, Co-chairs of ICA-I.D.E.A. Task Force.  Dr. Jasmine McNealy provided critical perspectives on what inclusion, diversity, equity, and access mean. Dr. Maria Len Rios shared the ongoing discussions and initiatives around I.D.E.A. in ICA and the role of the task force.


As you listen to the speakers, you are strongly encouraged to write down your questions, your suggestions, and initiative ideas. SECAC hopes to be able to gather more voices from more students and early career scholars across the globe, given the asynchronous format of this year’s session. As part of the outcomes of your participation,  SECAC could continue to design ways of providing affordances for conversations and dialogues that could further bolster your engagement with the association.



Kudos, commendations, and gratitude to:

·       Muhammad Ittefaq for his outstanding role in taking charge of social communications and media live streaming of the session;

·       Grazia Murtarelli for an excellent way of opening the session, introducing the speakers, and closing the session;

·       Cecilia Zhou for her superb execution of the Questions and Answer portion of the session; 

·       Sarah Cho for her brilliant planning and for delegating of the roles to SECAC members so that pre-recording session goes exceptionally well; and,

·       All students who stepped up and submitted their questions to SECAC. These questions helped in the formation of this session’s forum.

·       Last but not least, to our three Panel Speakers:  

o   Dr. Shiv Ganesh, Professor of the University of Texas –Austin 

o   Dr. Jasmine McNealy, Associate Professor of the University of Florida

o   Dr. Maria Len Rios, Professor of the University of Georgia




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