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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Heartfelt Goodbye

By Julie Escurignan

At the end of the DC Conference, I will be stepping down as Board Member and Chair of the SECAC to let Sarah Cho and Myrene Magabo lead the Student and Early Career Community.

The past two years have been an incredibly fulfilling challenge. I am extremely grateful to have been entrusted by the members of ICA, and I have done my best to increase the voice and presence of Early Career scholars within ICA.


I know raising one’s voice as an Early Career is not always an easy task – especially when one is surrounded by such renowned academics as ICA members are. However, this is what I would like all of you to keep doing. Indeed, academia needs to hear from its Early Career scholars! During my term, I have spoken up, argued, debated, pleaded, presented and fought for more presence and more opportunities for Early Career academics – and especially for the ones we hear less of, such as our members from the Global South. I have put myself forward, ready to find resistance, but instead have found people ready to push young scholars to the fore. ICA is full of opportunities for Early Career academics. No matter one’s origin, research topic or ambition, this organization is a place to grow and blossom for the ones who dare, speak up and get engaged. Don’t sit back waiting for people to give you the opportunity to speak, take this opportunity! Don’t wait to be introduced, go introduce yourself! Don’t wait for someone to push you up, climb the ladder! Get engaged as a Division or Interest Group Student Representative, join the SECAC or become a Board Member: there are plenty of possibilities to get engaged within ICA, serve the Early Career Community and gain priceless experience. Serving ICA comes with responsibilities and work, but it gives you the chance to do something that matters. You will have the opportunity to change things and be a part of ICA’s evolution. You will shape the organization and bring the change you want to see in the (academic) world! What better contribution could there be than helping shape the future of one of the greatest Communication Associations?

I am proud to have served ICA and the Early Career Community during the past two years. I hope I have represented you and brought you what you needed and wanted from ICA. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the invaluable help of our past chair, Tamar Lazar, and of our current vice-chair Sarah Cho, nor without the members of the SECAC and the Divisions and Interest Groups Student Representatives who have carried out our initiatives to the wider ICA community. I could not have done it either without the continuous support of ICA’s past and present Presidents, its Executive Committee and the members of the Board. And of course, I couldn’t have done without you – dear members of the Student and Early Career Community. Thank you all for your trust and your support, it has truly meant the world to me!

There will be plenty of events for the Student and Early Career Community in DC this May and I hope to see you all there. Do not hesitate to come say hello during the conference – and to send Sarah and I an email if you have any question. As usual, we’re here to help and we’re here to serve – Valar Dohaeris.

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Student Column: ICA program: Here’s what to look out for as a Student and Early-Career Scholar

Posted By Ido Ramati (U of Jerusalem) and David Cheruiyot (Karlstad U), Monday, April 2, 2018

If you have looked at the ICA program and wonder what events to include to your personal schedule, here is a plan for you.

Every year, the ICA Students and Early-Career Advisory Committee (ICA-SECAC) organizes a Business Meeting (i.e. a members’ forum), Blue Sky Workshops, and a sponsored evening reception. This year is no different.

To begin with, as a first-timer at ICA Conference you are highly encouraged to attend the New Member/Student and Early Career Orientation session. Your first time at the annual conference, attended by over 2,000 delegates, can be overwhelming. The new members’ meeting introduces you to ICA and provides you with tips for having a meaningful conference. Here you will have opportunity to interact with the Executive Committee members, including its current and previous ICA presidents as well as a host of ICA fellows who are distinguished media and communication scholars. As a student and early-career member you get that rare opportunity to shape the agenda of the association and its future direction. This session is of course open to all.

An important event, not just for new members but for all students and early-career scholars, is ICA-SECAC’s Annual Business Meeting. This meeting gives you an opportunity to understand better the place of the association in ICA. Here you will meet representatives of students and early-career scholars from ICA’s 32 divisions and interests groups. You will also meet the six executive members of SECAC, who include the current chair Tamar Lazar (U of Haifa) and deputy chair Julie Escurignan (U of Roehampton), the two student members in ICA’s Executive Board. Lazar and Escurignan will co-chair the meeting.

At this meeting you can ask questions about SECAC and its functions as well as raise your voice on how ICA can improve your experience as a student or early-career scholar.

Apart from Business Meetings, two more events will be both engaging and exciting: the Blue Sky Workshop and the SEC reception.

This year’s Blue Sky Workshop is entitled, “Social Media for Academics”.  If you are curious about ways social media can build your academic career, this BSW is for you. The BSW will address opportunities and challenges for academics in using social media for self-promotion and career development. This year is special as we are jointly organizing the BSW with the Young Scholars Network of the European Communication Research and Education Association (YECREA) (ECREA is the biennial conference for media and communication researchers in Europe).

Our panelists will be Veronika Karnowski, postdoctoral researcher at Ludwig Maximilian U of Munich, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, assistant professor of journalism studies at the U of Minnesota and Karin Fikkers, a postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research.

Raul Ferrer (YECREA), Karlstad U, will co-chair the BSW together with our ICA-SECAC executive committee member Camella Rising,George Mason University.

The Annual Reception for Student and Early Career Scholars promises to be more exciting than ever for two reasons: first, it takes place at the Hangar Bar, a typical Czech bar with a flight theme, inspired by the boom of the passenger aviation led by the Pan Am Airlines in the 1940-60’s. The bar reconstructs the luxurious atmosphere of that era. In addition, thanks to ICA conference organizers and our very kind sponsors, we will have free food, drinks, music, and more surprises for you!

The reception will give you the opportunity to meet new colleagues from all over the world in an informal and fun setting, and to relax a bit from the busy conference schedule.

The bar is located at a walking distance from the Hilton Old Town, in the Old Town, at Dušní 9/9, 110 00 Staré Město. Come fly with us!

More information about students and early-careers events is available on ICA-SECAC’s Facebook page. To tweet about any events, or your experiences at the conference, use #ICA_SECAC.

Lastly, SECAC extends a warm welcome to all students and early-career members to the ICA conference, and to all our events. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ido Ramati (Hebrew U of Jerusalem) and David Cheruiyot (Karlstad U) are executive committee members of ICA-SECAC.

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