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HMC Newsletter - August 2019

Posted By Andrea L. Guzman, Thursday, September 5, 2019
Why You Should Become an Official HMC Interest Group Member: The best way to become involved in HMC research at ICA and to show your support for this growing area is to become an official IG member. Your official membership is important because ICA uses membership numbers to determine continuation of the IG. The $3 dues are the primary means of financial support for the IG. As a member you will have certain opportunities and rights, including the ability to vote in elections and run for office.

How to Become an Official HMC Interest Group Member:  ICA is now in its membership renewal period and has informed us that the best way to become an IG member is while renewing your general ICA membership. Here are the steps provided by ICA:

1. "Log in" (
2. On the "my profile" page, select the link at the top to "Renew your membership now"
3. Review/make any necessary changes and save profile info
4. Select HMC from the list of divisions & IGs
5. Enter payment info 
6. Select the "submit securely" button at the bottom of the renewal page

If you are not a member of ICA or need to reinstate your membership, click on the “Join” tab at and when presented with the option, select HMC from the list of divisions & IGs. 

ICA 2020 Conference CFP: We will have regular presentation slots during ICA 2020 and will be accepting papers and extended abstracts of works in progress. We also will have awards for the top student paper, top paper, and top poster. More details regarding the IG’s CFP and general ICA guidelines are available in the main conference CFP. 

HMC Research Pro-Tip: If you are new to HMC and are looking for examples of research, check out the programs of past HMC preconferences at 

HMC Pre-Conference: We are developing a preconference proposal for ICA 2020. All pre-conferences are reviewed by ICA, and ICA will notify us in late September regarding acceptance. More details about the pre-conference will be posted at that time. Questions regarding the pre-conference should be directed to Autumn Edwards, 

Who is Running the Interest Group? The inaugural officers are Andrea L. Guzman, Chair,; Chad Edwards, Vice-Chair,; and Steve Jones, Secretary; General questions and comments should be directed to the chair. Questions regarding the main conference should be directed to the vice-chair. 

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FAQ regarding the HMC Interest Group

Posted By Andrea L. Guzman, Wednesday, July 10, 2019

HMC became an official ICA Interest Group during the 2019 conference. We want to express our gratitude to all of the scholars who have been involved with HMC, the members who signed the petition for the interest group, the divisions and interest groups who have supported our efforts, the ICA staff members who helped us navigate the process, and the board members who saw the value of this interest group for ICA. 


Here is a quick set of FAQs to help members understand the Interest Group. 


What is the primary objective of the HMC Interest Group?

The Human-Machine Communication Interest Group supports and promotes scholarship regarding communication between people and technologies designed to enact the role of communicator (i.e., AI, robots, digital assistants, automated-writing technologies, smart and IOT devices). 


What are some examples of HMC research?

HMC encompasses research within Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, and Human-Agent Interaction and related areas of study focused on how people make sense of machines as communicators; the implications of people’s interactions with communicative technology for individuals, organizations, and society; and the philosophical and critical critique of the design of these technologies and their integration into daily life. HMC also includes the study of the discourse surrounding communicative technologies and people’s communication with them.


What methods are used in HMC research?

The HMC Interest Group is inclusive of the different theoretical and methodological approaches to communication research.  


How soon will the interest group have conference presentation sessions?

We will have regular conference slots beginning with ICA 2020. Please look for the HMC call when ICA releases the conference CFP. We also plan to continue our preconference, and more information will be forthcoming. 


How do I become involved in the HMC Interest Group?

You can become a member of the interest group in one of two ways: 1) Join now. E-mail ICA staff directly to add yourself as an HMC member. 2) Join when you renew your ICA membership by checking the box for the HMC Interest Group. 


Again, thank you to everyone for your interest and support. Additional questions and comments should be directed to Andrea Guzman,

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