Select Your Member Type

Life Membership: Includes all future conference fees and membership dues. Additionally, Life members may join as many Divisions and Interest Groups as they wish, at no extra cost.  Life memberships can be paid in a single installment or in four consecutive annual installments.

Regular Membership:  ICA is ideal for scholars and practitioners of all fields of communication research who have earned their PhD or for individuals who now work within their field.

Student Membership: Individuals who qualify for Student Membership in ICA are currently enrolled in a school. This includes ABD candidates.

Sustaining Membership: Show support for ICA’s students - The membership includes a regular membership, one conference registration, and a $40 donation to the Student Travel Fund. This donation helps to sustain and support ICA’s grant program: Each year, the ICA President-Elect and Executive Director award grants from the Student Travel Fund to students who need financial support to attend the ICA conference.  All sustaining members will still need to register for conference if they plan to attend.

Family Memberships: are designed for spouses or families who are all scholars or practitioners in the field of communication research. Up to three family members (two spouses and one descendent) may sign up for a Family membership. One family member is designated as the main membership holder. As such, that individual receives whichever journals the family wishes to receive by post. All journals are available online, free of charge, for all members to access.

Institutional Membership: A university department can join ICA as an Institutional member (please note that libraries are ineligible for membership). The membership consist of one primary "Point of Contact", typically the department chair, and additional institutional members in groups of five, ten or fifteen additional institutional members.

Other Membership Types: To view a complete list of available membership types, please visit our Individual and Group membership pages.  All other types require you to contact membership at to initiate your registration.