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The Communication and Technology (CAT) Division brings together scholars who research about the roles played by information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the processes of human communication. CAT seeks to enhance theory and methodology pertaining to adoption, usage, message content, communication networks, effects, and policy of ICTs. Areas of research include new media, social media, human-computer interaction, computer-mediated communication, mobile communication, “big data,” crowdsourcing, and other technologically mediated social interaction and networking in all contexts (personal, friends, family, groups, organizations, business, healthcare, collective action, politics, government, education, society, culture, intercultural) and at all levels of analyses.

If you wish to distribute any call for papers for conferences or special issues, information about symposia and/or job openings that are relevant for the international communication and technology community, please send them to: german.neubaum@uni-due.de

  • Nicole B. Ellison Chair

    School of Information
    University of Michigan
    3384 North Quad
    Ann Arbor MI  48109-1285
    Ph. 001 734-647-1430

  • Ran Wei Vice Chair

    School of Journalism and Mass Communications
    University of South Carolina
    800 Sumter Street, Room 231
    Columbia, SC 29208
    Ph. 001 803-777-5762

  • German Neubaum Secretary

    Department of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science
    University of Duisburg-Essen
    Forsthausweg 2, Room LF 254
    47057 Duisburg
    Ph. 0049 203 379 1405