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Divisions: Ethnicity and Race in Communication
  • Anamik Saha Chair
  • Goldsmiths, University of London
    Department of Media and Communications
    Goldsmiths, University of London
    London   SE14 6NW
    Ph. + 44 207 717 3258  Fax

  • Sudeshna Roy Vice Chair
  • Stephen F Austin State University
    206 Zeno Street
    Nacogdoches TX  75965
    Ph. 9364681033  Fax

  • Miriam Hernandez Secretary 
  • City University of Hong Kong 
    Tat Hong Av. 18 M5093. Hong Kong

  • Federico Subervi 

    6304 Colina Lane
    Austin TX  78759
    Ph. 512-250-0487  Fax

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The Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division is concerned with methodological approaches and research that apply, extend or develop communication theory and analysis through an examination of race and ethnicity within local, international and transnational contexts.

The division also works to advocate for the improved status, representation and opportunities for underrepresented scholars in communication.


September 2017 ERIC Division Newsletter

Dear ERIC member,

Welcome to another edition of ICA's Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division Newsletter. It is a bumper issue this month, but contains lots of important information so please do read before archiving for posterity/chucking in your bin.

•       Thank you Federico

While you have heard from me before this is my first newsletter as the official Chair of ERIC. Federico Subervi reached the end of his tenure as ERIC Chair at the annual conference at San Diego.  As such I want to begin this newsletter by thanking Federico for his service. Federico is known for his influential contributions to the field of communication studies, particularly in relation to ethnicity and race in news and political communication. But he has also had a huge impact on ICA. Federico was one of the original ICA members who campaigned for a division dedicated to race and ethnicity research in communication/media studies and thus helped launch ERIC. As an eventual Chair of ERIC, some years later, his tenure coincided with the annual conference that took place in Puerto Rico, his home country, where Federico played a major role in the organisation of that particular conference, ensuring its success (including hosting a memorable ERIC reception party!). So again: thank you Federico for your fantastic service.

•       New appointments

Following last year's ICA elections, Sudeshna Roy (Stephen F. Austin State University) is now the Vice-Chair of ERIC. Sudeshna comes with a wealth of experience, as Chair of the IAMCR's Diaspora and Media Working group, and former secretary of ERIC. Sudeshna will be shadowing me during this year's conference planning before taking over planning responsibilities next year. Taking over the secretary role and tasked with managing ERIC's administrative matters is Miriam Hernandez (City University of Hong Kong). Together, our aim is to ensure the smooth running of the division!

•       San Diego 2017

It's been several months now since the last ICA annual conference in San Diego. Sadly, just as I was heading into San Diego I was called back to London for a family emergency. From the feedback I received however it sounds like it was a fantastic conference with ERIC in particular providing high quality papers,  thought provoking panels and lively discussion. (I expect nothing less!) Thanks to everyone who presented papers, posters, participated in roundtables, and attended ERIC sessions ensuring that our research is seen and heard and continues to develop. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate - since I could not do so in person - those who received travel awards, fee waivers and top paper awards. The top paper beneficiaries were as follows:

Top faculty paper: 'Latinas’ Level of Acculturation as a Moderator of Narrative Persuasion and Compliance with HPV Vaccination Messages' - Nathan Walter, Sheila Teresa Murphy (U of Southern California), Lauren B. Frank (Portland State U), Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati (U of Southern California)
2nd faculty paper: 'The Aftermath of #BlackGirlsRock vs. #WhiteGirlsRock: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Black Women’s Language' - Sharde Marie Davis (University of Connecticut)
3rd faculty paper: 'What's Hard Work Got to Do with It? Investigating Meritocracy Beliefs and Interracial Dialogue' - Aaron Castelan Cargile (California State U), Yuping Mao, California State U, Stacy Young (California State U)

Top student paper: 'The Necropolitical Image' - Tyler Hiebert (University of Southern California)
2nd student paper: 'Skin in the game: Providing redress for American sports' Appropriation of Native American iconography' Geraud Blanks (Northwestern University)
3rd student paper: '“I Sacrificed So Much”: Black Transgender Subjectivity and the Narrative Of Sophia Burset' - Victoria Thomas (U of Washington)

•       Planning for Prague 2018

Recent events in Charlottesville, USA highlight again how the question of how we live with difference is the key issue of our time. It makes stark how society is anything but post-race. Communications, media and cultural studies of ethnicity and race have taken on an even greater magnitude and importance. For the next annual conference in Prague we hope to further grow ERIC and draw attention to the crucial work being conducted in our field, whether empirical studies, theoretical innovation, or indeed, political interventions. Please do consider submitting a paper/poster/panel/roundtable to our division. The more submissions we receive the more panels we will be allocated. Let's bring our research from the periphery to the core and make explicit the value of our scholarship. You can see the Call for Papers here: The deadline is 1st November, 2017, and the online submission is now live.

•       Volunteer to review!

The key to a good conference is having enthusiastic, dedicated and qualified reviewers to help select the best papers to present at the annual conference. At ERIC we have a particularly rigorous system where each paper is peer-reviewed by three separate reviewers. **Please do consider volunteering to be a reviewer for next year’s conference**. To reiterate the quality of the programme is absolutely dependent on the quality of the reviewers! And the more reviewers we have, coming from a diverse range of interests, the more we are able to spread out the reviews (meaning that individuals are not overloaded), and can allocate papers to people who work in the same research areas, improving the quality of the panels. Simply login into the paper management system and then click on Volunteer to be a Reviewer. The more detail on your research interests the better as it helps ensure that we do not allocate you a paper that does not much your interests.

•       Renew your membership!

Thank you for being a member of ERIC! We are so pleased that you felt compelled to join our humble division. But please renew today! And even better, spread the word to friends and family (or at least colleagues with relevant interests) and get them to join! The more members we have, the more money we have to spend on things like travel awards, prizes, pre-conferences, and the division reception. It also means that we have greater clout at the ICA at the executive level. As far as I am concerned, despite the quality of scholarship on race and ethnicity, the field remains on the periphery of communication and media studies as a whole. The greater the presence we have at ICA the more we can influence research agendas and draw attention to the brilliant work being done in our field.

Your achievements

ERIC has an excellent social media profile with over 5000 followers on Twitter. Please do send us your achievements to share with our network - whether new books/articles/chapters, awards promotions, job opportunities. Let us show the world (beyond the academy) what brilliant and important work is being done in our Division. Please contact our Social Network Co-ordinator Osita Iroegbu (, copying in the ERIC secretary Miriam ( with your news.

I think I have covered everything! We will try not to overload you with newsletters, and hope everything we send you is relevant. If you wish to stop receiving these messages just click on the link below...

Cheers all!


Dr Anamik Saha
Lecturer in Media and Communications and Co-Convenor of MA Race, Media and Social Justice
Department of Media and Communications
Goldsmiths, University of London
SE14 6NW

Direct line: + 44 207 717 3258
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Posted Monday, January 16, 2017
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Posted Sunday, January 15, 2017

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