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Interest Groups: Intergroup Communication
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    • Jordan Soliz Chair

      U of Nebraska - Lincoln
      Department of Communication Studies
      425 Oldfather Hall
      Lincoln NE  68588-0329

  • Jessica Gasiorek Vice Chair

    U of Hawai'i at Manoa
    Department of Communicology
    2560 Campus Road George Hall 321
    Honolulu, JI 96822 


The study of intergroup communication concerns the ways in which communication within and between groups affects social relations. Intergroup encounters occur when social, rather than personal, identity forms the basis for communication. Intergroup communication is often characterized by power inequality, bias, competition or conflict. These troubling aspects of intergroup communication have been realized in scholarship on prejudice and discrimination (e.g., ageism, racism, sexism), aggression, violence, and genocide. However, intergroup communication can be equally characterized by positive communication found in identity expansion, cooperation, altruism, negotiation, and collaboration. Intergroup research informs many social contexts; some examples of these contexts are to be found in communication between members of co-cultures, cultures, nationalities, genders, generations, as well as groups belonging in the workplace and health contexts. There are arguable intergroup dimensions to all of the areas of concern to communication scholars. Intergroup communication informs mass, organizational, intercultural, political, socio-cognitive, and interactive aspects of communication.

The Intergroup Communication Interest Group provides a home for quantitative and qualitative approaches to intergroup communication phenomena. We welcome perspectives from social psychology, sociology, sociolinguistics, and political science with an aim to providing an exciting interdisciplinary niche for intergroup communication.

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