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History is one of the most well-established themes in the study of communication. Recent years have witnessed an intensification of this interest in history. Those doing historical work in communication now have a designated home in the International Communication Assocation: the Communication History Division.

The notion of 'communication history,' in this division, pulls together no fewer than four major areas of research:

I) The History of Media and Communication. This involves research concerning issues in the development of communication and media as critical facets of social, cultural, and political-economic life. Research generally classified as media history is a major component of this area. Much of the historical work in the field of communication addresses this set of issues;

II) The History of Communication Study. Much as other social sciences (including psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economics) have subfields addressing their own intellectual histories, the history of the study of communication allows us to engage in a reflexive dialogue concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the institution of communication studies;

III) The History of Idea of Communication. Scholars who address this issue take on one of the fundamental tasks of understanding how communication has been conceptualized, as well as how and why these conceptualizations have changed over time;

IV) Memory Studies. Memory scholars frequently attend to communicative processes as they relate to the construction of social memory. This makes memory scholarship an important component of communication history.


The purpose of this Interest Group is to promote theory, research, and professional education in the history of communication. This Interest Group will bring together scholars who face similar intellectual and methodological challenges.


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