Interest Groups: Human-Machine Communication

The Human-Machine Communication Interest Group supports and promotes scholarship regarding communication between people and technologies designed to enact the role of communicator (i.e., artificial intelligence (AI), robots, digital assistants, smart and Internet of Things (IOT) devices). HMC encompasses research within Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), and Human-Agent Interaction (HAI) and related areas of study focused on how people make sense of machines as communicators; the implications of people’s interactions with communicative technology for individuals, organizations, and society; and the philosophical and critical critique of the design of these technologies and their integration into daily life. HMC also includes the study of the discourse surrounding communicative technologies and people’s communication with them. The HMC Interest Group is inclusive of the different theoretical and methodological approaches in communication research. 

We have an HMC website with additional information regarding the group including CFPs and other resources.


Inaugural Chair

Andrea L. Guzman

Assistant Professor of Communication

Northern Illinois University, USA

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Inaugural Vice-Chair

Chad Edwards 

Professor of Communication

Western Michigan University, USA

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Inaugural Secretary

Steve Jones

Distinguished Professor of Communication

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

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Inaugural International Liaison

Sharon Ringel


University of Haifa, ISRAEL 

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Inaugural Student Representative

Henry Goble

Doctoral Student

Michigan State University, USA

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