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  •  Narine Yegiyan  
      Narine S. Yegiyan Ph.D.                       Chair

     Associate Professor
     University of California Davis
     Department of Communication
     371 Kerr Hall
     Davis, CA 95616 US
     Email: nsyegiyan@ucdavis.edu

  • Rachel Bailey
     Rachel L. Bailey, Ph.D.                           Vice Chair         

     Assistant Professor
     Florida State University
     3100 University Center C
     Tallahassee, FL 32306-2664
     Email: rbailey2@fsu.edu
     Phone: (850) 644-5034

    • Russell B.Clayton, Ph.D.                           Secretary                   
      Assistant Professor
      Florida State University
      3136 University Center C
      Tallahassee, FL 32306-2664
      Email: rclayton@fsu.edu
      Phone: (850) 645-9600

Information Systems is concerned with information, language and cognitive systems. Its central goal is promoting the development of general theories of complex systems and quantitative methodologies for communication research variety of domains. This focus brings together people with a wide range of interests and specialties. Member interests include: studies of information flows, the human interface with communication technology, and life in an information society: cognition, including information processing of direct and mediated communication and the construction of cognitive models; artificial intelligence applications in language, logic, and reasoning; modeling and study of interaction systems.

Members have pioneered analytical techniques in areas of network analysis, information theory, structural modeling, interaction analysis, content analysis and linguistic data processing systems. Issues in the philosophy of science, cybernetic epistemology, theory and ethics are regular concerns as well.


Information Systems Awards 2018

Congratulations to the award winners!  Certificates will be awarded during our 2018 ICA conference in May. 

See the full list here: ica_infosys_awards_2018.pdf


Special Panel: Questions of Identity and Future Directions

Fri, May 25, 11:00 to 12:15; Hilton Old Town, M, Liszt

*Note: All our division’s sessions on Friday, May 25, 2018 are located in the Hilton Old Town Hotel. “Best of Information System” and then the business meeting will be in the same room in the afternoon, starting at 2pm.


It’s been almost two decades since the important defining article on Information Systems Division was published in Communication Yearbook (Shapiro, Hamilton, Lang, & Contractor, 2000). The leading senior and junior members of the division will discuss how the identity of the division evolved over the last 20 years. In addition, we will consider how our division compares to other divisions of ICA. Do the changes within the division reflect changes in the field in general? What are some evolving trends within the division? What are the opportunities, challenges, and future directions for our division? All members are invited to join our conversation at the round table and continuously after the meeting.

We have three invited talks, but the panel is expected to be interactive between invited panelists and attendees.

Chair and Moderator: David Ewoldsen

See more details here: infosys_history_and_future.pdf


Call for submissions for the ICA Annual Meeting 

The complete call is here:


The Information Systems Division focuses on original scientific research on how information is generated, processed, and distributed, and how individuals and society are affected by information in various contexts (e.g., health, politics, technologies, education, business, advertising, culture, journalism). All levels of analysis (e.g., intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, societal) are welcome.


 The Division prides itself on developing a conference environment encouraging dynamic interaction between scholars with data and ideas to share. Most papers accepted for presentation will be programmed into high-density sessions. These sessions will feature extremely brief (3-minute) oral presentations of each study followed by author/audience interaction taking place at research posters created by the authors.


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