Interest Groups: Media Industry Studies
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The Media Industry Studies Interest Group (ICAMIS) exists to promote research and teaching practice on the history, organization, structure, economics, management, production processes and cultural forms, and the societal impact of media industries from a variety of theoretical, empirical, and cultural perspectives. The Media Industry Studies Interest Group serves as a place for collaboration and scholarly engagement for academics in a range of fields. Among other things, our members study: the relationship between government and industry; the intersection of audience and industry; audiences as consumers; the business of media; production and creative labor; ownership structure; and content diversity from a range of micro and macro-levels.

  • Sora Park Chair

    University of Canberra
    Faculty of Arts & Design
    News & Media Research Centre
    Bruce 2601 ACT, Australia
    Ph. +61-2-6201-5423

  • Ramon Lobato Vice Chair

    School of Media & Communication
    Digital Ethnography Research Centre
    Melbourne, VIC 3001

  • Christine Larson Secretary

    University of Colorado, Boulder

    College of Media, Communication and Information
    Boulder CO