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  • Devon Powers Chair

    Temple University
    Dept. of Advertising
    2020 N. 13th Street
    Philadelphia PA  19122
    Ph. +1 215 204 5953  Fax +1 215 204 5953

  • Melissa Aronczyk, Vice Chair

    Rutgers University
    School of Communication and Information
    4 Huntington St.
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    Ph. 1-848-932-7122

  • Sriram Mohan, Secretary

University of Michigan - Communication Studies
5370 North Quad
105 State St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Evie Psarras, Student/Early Career Rep

University of Illinois - Chicago - Communication
1007 W. Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60607


Popular Communication is concerned with providing a forum for scholarly investigation, analysis, and dialogue among communication researchers interested in a wide variety of communication symbols, forms, phenomena and strategic systems of symbols within the context of contemporary popular culture.

Division members encourage and employ a variety of empirical and critical methodologies with application to diverse human communication acts, processes, products and artifacts which have informational, entertainment, or suasory potential or effect among mass audiences.

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