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Divisions: Interpersonal Communication
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Jennifer A. Samp, Chair

University of Georgia

Amanda Holmstrom, Vice Chair

Michigan State University


Keli Fazio, Secretary

College of New Jersey

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Amanda J. Holmstrom wrote on the Divisions: Interpersonal Communication wall: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL INTERACTION SECTION REGIONAL CONFERENCE (ECREA) October 14 - October 16, 2019 Tilburg, the Netherlands The ICSI Regional Conference is the 6th bi-annual meeting of the Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction (ICSI) section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association). This year’s conference is hosted by Tilburg University, Department of Communication and Cognition, and will be held in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The conference theme this year is "Re-Connecting". We want to connect scholars from the different sub-disciplines of interpersonal communication and social interaction, for example workplace interaction, communication in interpersonal relationship, impression management, interpersonal and health communication. Connecting our insights from different fields may inform our own research, provide creative ideas for future research, and help theory development. Moreover, the theme reflects the fact that our mediated and unmediated interactions are increasingly connected and integrated. As advanced communication technologies increasingly become part of our everyday experience, we are forced to revisit and connect theories of online and offline social interaction. The ICSI Regional Conference 2019 provides an opportunity to share our ideas, theories and research about interpersonal communication and social interaction across our different specializations. We call for paper and panel proposals from any communication or communication-related discipline and methodology that address the section's themes. Submission deadline: June 09 (midnight CET). More information and submission website:
Posted Monday, March 18, 2019
Jennifer A. Samp wrote on the Divisions: Interpersonal Communication wall: Special Issue Call for Papers Speaking Across Communication Subfields Guest Editors: Keren Tenenboim-Weinbaltt (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) & Chul-joo “CJ” Lee (Seoul National University) With the rapid growth and development of the field of Communication, it has also become increasingly fragmented, while its subfields – as represented by ICA’s various divisions and interest groups – have become increasingly self-contained. Researchers within the different subfields speak to each other in numerous forums and publications and in ever-growing levels of precision and sophistication, but are often oblivious to related developments in other subfields. Similarly, conceptual, analytical and empirical contributions are discussed in relation to the state-of-the-art within a specific subfield, but often fail to be developed into broader theoretical frameworks. The result is a multiplicity of theoretical, conceptual and empirical fragments, whose interrelationships and relevance for a range of communication processes remain to be established. In this special issue, we look for rigorous, original and creative contributions that speak across multiple subfields of communication. All theoretical approaches as well as methods of scholarly inquiry are welcome, and we are open to various formats and foci: The papers can be based on an empirical study, integrate a series of empirical pieces, thereby proposing a new theory or model, or be primarily theoretical. Their focus can be a specific theory, a specific concept or a set of related concepts, a communication phenomenon that can be better accounted for using a cross-disciplinary perspective, or any other focus that fits the purpose of the special issue. In all forms, the papers should make substantial, original contributions to theoretical consolidation and explicitly discuss the relevance and implications of their research to different subfields. Deadline for full paper submissions is July 15, 2019. The special issue is scheduled for Issue 3, 2020. Submissions should be made through the JOC submission site ( jcom). Please make sure you click “yes” to the question “is this work being submitted for special issue consideration?” and clearly state in the cover letter that the paper is submitted to the special issue. Manuscripts should strictly adhere to the new JOC submission guidelines. These guidelines will be available on the journal’s website in early January 2019. Before that, they are available upon request from Editor-in-Chief, Lance Holbert, Questions and comments about the special issue should be addressed to Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt ( and Chul-joo “CJ” Lee ( View Online:
Posted Monday, March 4, 2019
Jennifer A. Samp wrote on the Divisions: Interpersonal Communication wall: ICA Interpersonal Communication Division Travel Awards If you are a member of the ICA Interpersonal Communication Division and are presenting at this year’s conference in Washington, D.C, you are eligible to apply for limited travel funds from the Division. We prioritize students and those currently working in transitional/developing countries for grant funding. To apply, please send a 1-page statement in .pdf to Jennifer A. Samp, Interpersonal Communication Division Chair ( by February 26th, 2019. In your statement, include the following: *Your name and e-mail address *Your status or rank *Your country of current schooling or employment *A description (no more than 2 sentences) of the papers, posters, or panels you are presenting in the Interpersonal Communication Division. The deadline to apply is February 26, 2019. Awardees will be notified on or around March 1st. As a reminder, those eligible should also apply to the overall ICA Travel Awards here:
Posted Thursday, January 31, 2019
Jennifer A. Samp wrote on the Divisions: Interpersonal Communication wall: REMINDER: ICA Interpersonal Communication Division Outstanding Dissertation and Thesis Awards 2019 The Interpersonal Communication Division of the International Communication Association seeks nominations for the Division's annual Outstanding Dissertation and Outstanding Thesis Awards. Each award includes a plaque and monetary recognition. Applicants should submit (a) a 25-35 abstract or paper-length version of the thesis or dissertation, and (b) a letter of nomination from the dissertation/thesis director explaining why the project should be recognized. Deadline for submission of materials is January 30, 2019. Applicants must have defended the project between Jan. 1 and Dec 31 of 2018. Submit application materials electronically in a single .pdf to Jennifer A. Samp, Interpersonal Division Chair, at
Posted Thursday, January 3, 2019
Amanda J. Holmstrom wrote on the Divisions: Interpersonal Communication wall: Please remember to register to review for the upcoming conference in Washington DC, May 2019. The volunteer process for reviewing is online at ScholarOne and can be done when you submit your paper/proposal. You may also also volunteer to review if you do not plan to submit to the conference - just follow the same steps below. The only requirements are that you must be an ICA member and ABD. Here are the steps to take to review. • Go to the ICA website ( and login. Then click on “Paper Management System.” We are using a new submission site this year, ScholarOne. You’ll be directed there and will need to create a username and password for this site. • When you log into ScholarOne, you will be asked to complete a "general information" section. • In the middle of the first page of the general information section, you will be asked if you want to review submissions based on your area of expertise. CLICK YES! • Then, make sure to choose the Interpersonal Communication Division from the list of divisions and click "add expertise." Note: you may choose up to 2 divisions for which to review. • You will also need to select your keywords, which will help us to distribute submissions to reviewers. You can select up to 3 keywords. • Then, make sure to save changes before moving to the next page of the general information section! Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions –
Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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