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About Our Division

The Communication and Technology (CAT) Division focuses on original scientific research about the roles played by information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the processes of human communication. CAT works to enhance theory and methodology pertaining to adoption, usage, message content, communication networks, effects, and policy of ICTs. Areas of research include new media, social media, human-computer interaction, computer-mediated communication, mobile communication, “big data,” crowdsourcing, and other technologically mediated social interaction and networking in all contexts (personal, friends, family, groups, organizations, business, healthcare, collective action, politics, government, education, society, culture, intercultural) and at all levels of analyses.

CAT programs papers, panel sessions, and sponsors pre- and post-conferences proposals that make an innovative and original contribution to our understanding of ICTs, with the primary focus on human communication aspects of particular technological characteristics. Papers in which technology is not a specific object of investigation, instead the context or backdrop for a communication study may have a fit with other ICA Divisions.

CAT Leadership

The CAT Division leadership is split into three primary positions: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary positions. In addition, the broader executive team also includes a Director of the Doctoral Consortium, a Chair of the Awards Committee, a International Liaison, and a Graduate student or Early Career Representative.