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CAT Awards

Awards 2020

The Communication and Technology division (CAT) is pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of the Dordick Dissertation Award: Dr. Jeremy Foote (PhD, Northwestern University), and Dr. Nicole Zamanzadeh (PhD, University of California – Santa Barbara). This year’s competition and pool of nominees was extremely strong. Accordingly, the Committee took the unusual decision to select two equally brilliant nominations for the Award. CAT is also pleased to announce the 2020 recipient of the Frederick Williams Prize for Contribution to the Study of Communication and Technology: Prof. Shyam Sundar at Pennsylvania State University.

Herbert S. Dordick Dissertation Award 

The Dordick Dissertation Award honors the memory of Prof. Herbert S. Dordick (1925-1998), a distinguished telecommunications engineer, public/urban policy researcher and intellectual, teacher and mentor. The Dordick Dissertation Award recognizes the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in the area of communication and technology completed and defended in the preceding year.

As Dr. Jeremy Foote's nominator elaborates, this dissertation elegantly shows that “new and early stage collaborative online organizations upend much of our prevailing understanding of how and why these systems work. He provides four empirical studies that examine key elements of the communicative and interactive processes that underpin collaborative online organization: communication networks, founder decision making and behavior, and community joining decisions.”

On the other hand, Dr. Nicole Zamanzadeh’s work on multitasking was equally remarkable. In the words of the nominator, “the theoretical and conceptual issues include an identification of measurement weaknesses in media effects that spill over into media multitasking research, a mature conceptualization of the importance of an iterative and literature-based approach to theory and measurement development and validation, the corresponding need for an item response theory approach to measurement, an identification of the central arguments in what processes shape and are evoked by media multitasking, iterative feedback between measurement and theory, and the resulting development of both a theory and valid measurement of media multitasking intensity.”

Frederick Williams Prize for Contributions to the Study of Communication Technology

This prestigious award honors the memory and outstanding contribution to our field made by Dr. Frederick Williams (1933-2010), former ICA President and founding Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. Dr. Williams was a visionary who made significant and lasting impacts on new communication technology research.

In the words of Shyam Sundar’s formal award sponsor and nominator, listing all contributions made by Prof. Sundar “are so numerous and so vivid that just a partial listing of them may be overwhelmingly persuasive.” Prof. Sundar has largely contributed to the field through influential research and service. His prolific body of work includes over 175 scholarly publications. His theories, Modality-Agency Interactivity-Navigability (MAIN) Model, the Interactivity Effects Model, the Agency Model of Customization, the Motivational Technology Model, Online Source Typology, and the Theory of Interactive Media Effects (TIME) have significantly contributed to our discipline with sound scientific advancements. Furthermore, his commitment and service to the field is also unparalleled. He was former editor of ICA’s Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, a member of nearly 20 leading journal editorial boards, and generously served as CAT Division Chair.

Homero Gil de Zúñiga
On behalf of CAT’s Awards Committee


Previous Recipients of the Herbert S. Dordick Dissertation Award

2019: Xiaoqian Li, University of Texas
2018: Ana Levordashka, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM) Tübingen 
2017: Erin Klawitter, Northwestern University and German Neubaum, University of Duisburg-Essen 
2016: Elizabeth Dubois, Oxford Internet Institute 
2015: Sanne Kruikemeier, University of Amsterdam
2014: Benjamin Mako Hill, MIT
2013Robert Shota Tokunaga, University of Arizona
2012: Younei Soe, Indiana University
2011: Alexander van Deursen, University of Twente
2009: David Huffaker, Northwestern University
2008: Nick Yee, Stanford U
2007: James D. Ivory, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
2005: Dmitri Williams, University of Michigan
2003: Pablo Boczkowski, Cornell University and Keith Hampton, University of Toronto


Previous Recipients of the Frederick Williams Prize for Contributions to the Study of Communication Technology


2019: Nancy Baym, Microsoft Research
2018: Jan van Djik, University of Twente
2017: Ron Rice, University of California, Santa Barbara
2016: Janet Fulk, University of Southern California
2015: Sara Kiesler, Carnegie Mellon University
2014: (no award given)
2013: William H. Dutton