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September 05th, 2018

Seeking Applications for CAT International

Liaison & Awards Committee Chair


Here’s a chance to engage in CAT leadership and contribute to the division’s success!

Over the past few years, CAT has made an effort to become more international and to award academic excellence thanks to the help of volunteer leaders in these areas. We would like to express our gratitude to Jyun-Hung Kim (International Liaison) and Mike Yao (Chair of Awards committee) for their sustained service and commitment to our division.

For the upcoming two-year term, the CAT leadership is seeking applications for the positions of a) CAT International Liaison and b) CAT AwardsCommittee Chair. This is a great chance to get involved in academic leadership on an international level and to contribute to the division’s success in these critical areas. Please see the description of the positions below. If you have any questions beyond, please feel free to contact CAT Chair Nicole Ellison:

Please send your application (i.e., cover letter and CV) to and

Deadline for Applications: September 23rd, 2018

CAT International Liaison
This two-year position is appointed by the Officers of CAT after a call for applicants. The International Liaison should be a member of the CAT Division and will be a liaison between the CAT Division and the ICA Board to help further internationalize the Association as well as the CAT division. The CAT International liaison will also serve on the awards committee.

Awards Committee Chair
This two-year position is appointed by the Officers of CAT. The Awards Committee Chair should be a member of the CAT Division and will lead the CAT Awards Committee for two years. He or she will select and organize a team of CAT faculty members (2-3) to make up the Awards Committee to select the recipients of the annual Dordick Dissertation award and the Frederick Williams Prize. The year’s previous Dordick Dissertation awardee(s) will also be invited to sit on the committee for one year following their award. Responsibilities also include working with the CAT secretary to distribute calls and the social media officer regarding social media distribution.