2011 Meeting Minutes
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ICA Environmental Communication Interest Group Organizational Meeting
Sunday, May 29, 2011. 4:30 - 5:45 p.m. Quincy Room, Westin Waterfront, Boston

Convened at 4:30 p.m. with Welcome & Introduction (R. Doherty)
1. Group name. The name Environmental Communication was accepted provisionally and other options (Environmental, Science & Risk Communication, or Environmental & Science Communication) explored. Discussion included the membership generating the name and mission statement. Proposals should go to R. Doherty <rdoherty@illinois.edu>.

2. Task Force on the Greening of ICA. Chair of the Task Force C. Raphael explained efforts to manage the environmental footprint of ICA conventions and introduced goals and implementation steps for teaching, scholarship, service and outreach. Welcomed input on which tasks to tackle first.

3. Other associations. R. Doherty asked for all to share their thoughts on what the interest group would add to work elsewhere (IECA, NCA, WSCA and ECN).

4. Conference planner. C. Raphael suggested R. Doherty be the planner for the first year. Approved by consensus.

5. Pre-conference. Consensus that the group sponsor an open-paper conference. Other suggestions included going off site (such as Arizona State), setting a reasonable registration fee that includes a year’s membership, and include students and encourage junior scholars. D. Brossard offered to approach Arizona State colleagues.

6. Mission. Discussion ensued on the importance of an international perspective and involvement. B. Wolfe-Monteiro(?) underlined how personal connections can be vital. A. Wonneberger or B. Goodwin(?) described large international membership of IECA, including 26 countries.

7. Convention. M. Haley described the Phoenix conference, May 22–26, 2012, at the Sheraton Downtown, explained the logistics of the conference including potential sites (Frank Lloyd Wright architectural location in the desert, or the botanical garden). The “community” theme encompasses diversity and immigrant issues. The program will encourage different formats, and every group will receive a three-hour block to do an innovative activity, such as a workshop. The EC group will have four sessions (including business meeting), plus virtual conference and posters.

8. Virtual conference. Discussion turned to the importance of the virtual conference to the new group.

9. Nomination committee. R. Doherty asked those interested in serving on the nominating committee to self-nominate or nominate others. Nominating committee members should have good connections with other scholars in the area. Discussion continued about potential procedures for nominations and elections. R. Doherty agreed to follow up with the ICA Executive Director.

10. Communication. The consensus was to begin a listserv and wiki for the new group. J. Rolfe-Redding offered to handle this.

Adjourned 5:46 p.m. with the folloing in attendance:
Chad Raphael
Kathy Rowan
Connie Roser-Renoef
Dominique Brossard
Justin Rolfe-Redding
Erik Nisbet
Sol Hart
Paul Brewer
Susan Mello
Amy Chadwick
June Flora
Trudy Milburn
Michael Delli Carpini
Andrew R. Binder
Char Ryan
Michael McCluskey
Michael Dahlstrom
Mark Meisner
Geoff Craig
Bernhard Goodwin
Rowan Howard-Williams
Brenna Wolfe-Monteiro
Leah Spain
Lee Ahern
Richard Doherty
Merav Katz-Kimchi
Lisa Leombruni
Jill Hopke
David Wise
Robert Craig
Mario Rodriguez
Kevin Barnhurst
Janey Trowbridge
Anke Wonneberger

Minutes by K. Barnhurst