2012 Meeting Minutes
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ICA Environmental Communication Interest Group business meeting minutes
26 May 2012
Room South Mountain, Sheraton Downtown, Phoenix, Arizona
Convened at 4:50 p.m.
Attendance: 28
Bruno Takahashi, Kevin Barnhurst, Chad Raphael, Alison Henderson, Erik Nisbet, Theresa Myers, Rong Wang, Charlotte Ryan, Michael Dahlstrom, Jay Hmielowski, Jagadish Thacker, Merav Katz-Kimchi, Heather Akin, David Wise, Paul Brewer, Jakki Bailey, Mark Pedelty, Hannah Frik, Bernhard Goodwin, Justin Rolfe-Redding, Elizabeth Dickinson, Janel Schuh, Xinghua Li, Ronald E. Rice, Ben Detenber, Richard Doherty, Sejin (Sage) Kim, John Besley.
Approval of the minutes from the 2011 business meeting in Boston
            The minutes posted online on the website received no corrections. Chad Raphael made a motion to approve, which was seconded, and the minutes approved unanimously.
            The IECA will meet in Upsala Sweden conference shortly before the ICA convention in London. ICA-ECIG members can attend both in one extended trip.
            The ICA-ECIG Reception will be held at Carly’s (directions provided) immediately after the business meeting, 6–7:15 p.m. Any who did not RSVP can add their names after the meeting.
Old Business
Annual report. Membership grew to 126 members total, with 45 members from 23 countries (36%), 81 of them from the U.S. (64%).
Conference report. The interest group received 43 paper submissions, accepted 28, and passed one onto another division. These were arranged into three regular panel sessions and one extended session. We received 3 panel submission and accepted none of them. Members asked for clarification, and the chair explained that the panel submissions were narrow in focus and very limited in international presence, so it was better to accept more international papers and create the session. ICA accepted the preconference proposal, and the group received 28 paper proposals and accepted 23. Thanks went to Merav Katz-Kimchi, Xinghua Li, and Lee Ahern proposing and organizing the pre-conference, to Chad Raphael for making the extended session happen, and to Kevin Barnhurst general support.
Budget. ICA allocated $294 in funds for the initial year, and the group appropriated $150 to student travel awards and $140 to the conference reception. The preconference did well with 25 attendees, and details will be part of the full budget report next year.
Nomination committee established. The nomination committee for the first election of group officers includes Elizabeth Dickenson (chair), Geoff Craig, and Eric Nisbet.
New Business
Nominating committee. The committee received suggestions for vice-chair and secretary, (one each) at the meeting. Discussion followed on the timing of officer changes, with the idea of staggered appointments to better retain institutional knowledge and the suggestion eventually to have officers from Tier 2 and greater countries in the rotation.
Bylaws. The bylaws draft was posted on the website a week before the conference, with no comments added as of the time of the business meeting. The ensuing discussion included suggestions for international representation and alternative timing for elections of secretary and vice-chair. Subject to confirmation with ICA bylaws, members approved both suggestions unanimously by voice vote. By consensus the members deferred questions about the name of the group to later in the agenda.
Website/Wiki. The wiki was not used much except by the chair, who thought the ICA website can do a discussion board instead. Erik Nisbet suggested using Facebook, and following discussion, the members expressed a preference to postpone social media for a year until the group has a full slate of officers. Sol Hart called the question, and the members voted to suspend the existing wiki for now.
London 2013. ICA President-elect François Heinderyckx visited the meeting to give a preview of the next conference at the Hilton Metropol, near Paddington Station, Central London, with a nightly rate of £115 including wifi. Because the number of sessions will not increase, he encouraged the group to consider proposing pre or post conferences to handle anticipated high submissions. Offsite locations are reachable by train from London, and ICA has negotiated free Hilton meeting rooms a day before or after the convention. Proposals for pre/post conferences are due Sept. 1. The conference theme, “Challenging Communication Research,” can include ways to challenge, potential problems, critical perspectives, and playful alternatives. Leah Lievrouw of UCLA is the Conference Theme Chair. Participation in the survey about the Phoenix convention will help the planners, who especially want feedback on the new extended sessions format.
Wikipedia page. R. Doherty proposed a collaborative project between the ICA ECIG, IECA, and the NCA EC division to improve the Wikipedia page of Environmental Communication. IECA had a positive response to the idea. In the feedback discussion, D. Wise, UW Madison, expressed interest, and X. Li, Babson College, volunteered to join him. M. Pedelty suggested involving grad students in seminars. After a brief discussion of coordination, the members reached consensus to adopt the proposal.
Name of the Interest Group. Because the chair had received no proposals as agreed in the 2011 meeting in Boston, members took up the question of the interest group name again. In the discussion, C. Raphael suggested using a discussion board to be inclusive and make the name part of the bylaws discussion. Alternatives for the process also included surveying members. J. Rolf-Redding suggested the nominations committee handle the process of reviewing potential names. S. Hart suggested an online vote, and K. Barnhurst suggested using the ICA election system, with comments until Aug. 1. The members approved the suggestions.
            Conference Papers. This year’s awards were based on the paper reviews and the chair’s close reading of potential awardees.
1. The following group Top Faculty Papers awards were presented,:
            Jay D. Hmielowski, Yale U, USA, and Erik C. Nisbet, Ohio State U, USA. “Ambivalence and the Environment: News Use, Attitudinal Ambivalence, and Support for Environmental Policies”
            Tema Oliveira Milstein, U of New Mexico, USA, and Elizabeth Dickinson, Salem College, USA, “Gynocentric Greenwashing: The Discursive Gendering of Nature”
2. The following Top Student Paper award was presented: Danielle Sue Jones-Kvam, U of New Mexico, USA, “’It’s Using Nature for Your Own Sake, for Survival’: Toward a Theory of Cultural Re-Orientation as Cultural Appropriation”
            Student Travel Awards. Awards of $75 with matching funds from ICA for a total of $150 each went to Jagadish Thacker, George Mason University, USA, and to Heather Akin, UW Madison, USA.
            Registration Fee Waivers. Awards went to Danielle Sue Jones-Kvam, U of New Mexico, USA, Rong Wong, University of Southern California, USA, and Jihyang Choi , Indiana University, USA.
Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM
Recorded by K. Barnhurst