2014 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting minutes for the Environmental Communication Division business meeting, May 24  ICA, Seattle 2014 9:00 AM


In attendance

>> Lee Ahern, Maryam Alhinai, Ashley Anderson, Carlos Arcila, Dorothee Aret, Lucy Atkinson, Kevin Barnhurst, Bruno F. Battistoni, Amy Chadwick, Becky Cline, Richard Doherty, Vernita Pearl Fort, Carrie Freeman, Natalie Grecu, Jill Hopke, Kanni Huang, Merav Katz-Kimchi, Etsuko Kinefuchi, Maria Lapinski, Xinghua Li, Deb Merskin, Julia Metag, Jutta Milde, Tema Milstein, Eric Morgan, Derek Moscato, Todd Norton, Mimi Perreault, Joy Piazza, Emily Plec, Senja Post, Charlotte Ryan, Adriane Schmidt, Janel S. Schuh , Vivian P.B.Smith, Collin Syfert, Bruno Takehashi, Jagadish Thaker, Lee Webb, Franzisca Weder, Livingston White, Anke Wonneberger

>>Apologies for late start (9:40AM); we are investigating with ICA confusion surrounding logistics of breakfast reception (RSVP required but some people not getting emails, off site location but different info in program)


Approval of last year’s minutes

>>Unanimously approved                         


Old Business

Recruitment of members – Merav has gotten 2 co-sponsored panels to help expand. Membership has grown despite my plan to slow it down. Had a meeting on Friday about Environmental Communication in Latin America.

>>Now have division status; members from Merav visiting other divisions' business meetings last year; do again next year to keep member numbers up. Aiming for more collaboration with other groups.

Discussion Board – Under MyICA/Organization Tools/Forums. Here you will find your regular discussion board where any member can start a discussion topic. (Show them)

>>Richard demonstrated access to discussion forum on MyICA for ECD; Maybe see if we can get ICA to have forum discussions go to email (preferably optional selection, preferably as digest); we are checking on emails going thru to everyone (confusion about breakfast reception -- didn't get emails), but all members should check to make sure emails are not being marked as spam

Greening – There was a question of how ICA makes decisions on greening. Now there is a web page (ICA Home/About Us) with all the info one might want that Heather Akins has been working on and will be managing.

>>Greening Task force is now Sustainability Committee; working with hotels to determine environmental policies/standards

Amy Jordan takes the floor re: ICA 2015

>>San Juan, Puerto Rico 21-25 May 2015; 2 hotels (one family friendly conference hotel on beach, the other across bridge in busier area close to restaurants, etc.); smaller rooms (more similar to London) but maybe people out doing other activities and not as many attending sessions? Will be switching rooms around so divisions don't get stuck with bad room for whole conference; coordinating with local universities to have presentations in English and Spanish from local researchers and students; arranging for excursions -- ideas? Asked for suggestions for programs since Internet access likely to be unreliable (not big enough for large groups like ICA) and mobile app might not work well either, so how do we avoid needing so many paper programs?


New Business

1. Chair’s Report

• The group 

>>Recruiting members/maintaining membership. We are now about 230, and have achieved division status

• Board Meeting Summary

>>New membership category: "Employment Exception" (The category includes faculty from across the globe who are part time or non-permanent employees, adjuncts or the equivalent at a university or research center.)

>>Survey of the membership over summer about the future of the ICA annual conferences (size, configuration, etc.) to address growing membership size of ICA

>>Board has approved a change that would replace the "Board members at large" representing five different regions within the Board of Directors, by 3 members committed to internationalization

>> Internationalization rep. volunteer and student rep volunteer or election (requires changing the by-laws) move to request volunteers -- Jill Hopke at Wisconsin volunteered for student representative; Jagadish (JT) Thaker and Joy Piazza both volunteered for internationalization representative and decided to split position; membership voted to make these 1 year volunteer positions and have them write job descriptions/duties and make recommendations for changes to bylaws to discuss at next year's meeting (whether should be volunteer or elected)

>>Board has established guidelines for ICA Affiliate Journals. One or two journals will probably be approved within the next few months; maybe EC journal so that we can get access through ICA membership if we are able to recommend journals

>>Upcoming regional conferences: Brisbane, Australia (1-3 October) and Lodz, Poland (9-11 April 2015, still being organized)

• Finances  

>>Last year’s budget was $429: student travel $300, reception took the rest. This year’s budget was $567: student travel $300, reception took the rest.

>>Visual Communication generously covered a larger share of the co-sponsored reception last year; $300 was donated for this year's breakfast reception sponsorship from the Department of Communication, University of Illinois, Chicago; University of Koblenz-Landau; Ohio State University; and USC Annenberg; try to get more funding to sponsor activities; asked for volunteer to help with fundraising efforts (Todd Norton at WSU and Natalie Christine Grecu volunteered).

2. Our Fall elections for vice-chair and secretary.  Last time we had an Elections coordinator, move to ask for a volunteer. Begin their 2 year term at the end of the next ICA conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico

>>Lee Ahern volunteered as election coordinator.

3. Conference paper reviewing

>>Can’t accept them all (only 1/3 are accepted) and if the reviewers don’t reject some that means the planner has to, so what is the point (planner hasn’t the time), can’t just check all 5 (high) scores boxes and not leave any comments. Please use the comments to ICA to communicate with the planner; we are working to improve the “Quick Guide” to EC reviewers. Watch for it in September.

4. Join the IECA - Lee Ahern

>>Difference between IECA and ICA is focus on bridging divide with practitioners. Low fees for different membership options.  Next conference in Boulder, CO, June 2015 (every 2 years at different locations).

5. Top paper awards - Richard


Top Faculty Papers >>Presented in person (JT took photos)

Zheng Janet Yang, State U of New York - Buffalo, Mihye Seo, SUNY – Albany, Laura N. Rickard, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Teresa Marie Harrison, SUNY – Albany

Extending the RISP Model: Elaboration, Policy Support, and Behavioral Intention Related to Climate Change Mitigation in Risk Models and Communities at Risk: From Climate Change to Asbestos

Sun, May 25, 13:30 to 14:45, Seattle Sheraton, Kirkland


Anke Wonneberger, U of Amsterdam

Concerned, Responsible, and Guilty? Testing a Model of Guilt Arousal and Effects in Environmental Campaigns “In Environmental Campaigns: Effects, Rhetoric, and Mobilization”

Sat, May 24, 10:30 to 11:45, Seattle Sheraton, Jefferson B


Carrie Packwood Freeman, Georgia State U

“You Don’t Win Friends With Salad”: Vegetarian Characters at Odds With Television’s Carnonormativity in Critiques of Environmental Discourse and Ideology

 Sun., May 25, 15:00 to 16:15, Seattle Sheraton, Greenwood


Top Student Papers

Collin Syfert, U of Washington

How Naked People and Polar Bears Made Climate Change Newsworthy in Environmental Campaigns: Effects, Rhetoric, and Mobilization

Sat, May 24, 10:30 to 11:45, Seattle Sheraton, Jefferson B


Julia Metag, U of Zurich

National Support, Local Opposition? Effects of Communication on Opinion About Local and National Energy Issues in Energy Issues: Public Opinion, Attitudes, and Behavior”

Mon, May 26, 9:00 to 10:15, Seattle Sheraton, Leschi


Student Travel Awards >>Presented in person at individual panels.

David A. Maile & Margaret Siebert

Department of Communication & Journalism

The University of New Mexico


Adjourn (10:25 AM)


>>Tema Milstein -- new bachelor's degree at UNM

>>Franzisca Weder from Austria -- looking for collaborators re: water scarcity

>>Bruno Batistiola -- looking for collaborators re: communities at risk to climate change