2016 Meeting Minutes
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Environmental Communication Division

Business Meeting June 12, 2016

Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Fukuoka, Japan

Minutes by Julia Metag

Peng Hwa Ang: Announcement of next year’s conference (San Diego), conference hotel: many restaurants and other hotels around, conference theme: communication and interventions; sessions to discuss research ideas, new formats: making and doing media (artworks, media projects, etc.) and conference game being played over the four days of the conference

I. Call the Meeting to Order at 5:00pm in Kiku room

II. Agenda approved

III. Minutes approved

IV. Old Business

A Recruitment of members

-        Hovering around 200 members (minimum for division status), need to be above 200 members for retaining division status

-        Plans to recruit members: joint panels with other divisions, theme sessions (also bringing in key scholars, seeking out people from different areas), social media presence (facebook group, Twitter account), examining who submitted papers to other divisions with environmental themes

-        Students may social media accounts (Mildred Perreault), content analysis of papers in other divisions

-        Discussion of possibilities to participate without physically being at the conference à policy of presenting a paper?

-        Possibilities of a low cost reception outside the conference hotel

-        Discussion of broadening the division’s topical focus à referring to sustainability or science communication?

B Internationalization

-        Division includes mostly US- and European participants

-        ICA discussed this problem as well but does not do conferences in developing countries

-        Online preconferences as a possibility to include people from developing countries

-        Language problems might be a cause for less internationalization à ICA had last year a service where people could send their papers earlier to get it checked for language

C Student Rep

-        Should gather environmental communication students around him/her

-        To get their voice heard, being representative

-        Discussion of the usefulness of a student rep and whether it is anchored in the bylaws

D Fundraising effort and acknowledgement of supporters

-        Received money from Nanyang Technological University, Michigan State University Knight Center for Environmental Journalism for division reception

-        Call for additional supporters in the future, also for travel funds

-        Possibility: NSF application for a workshop on science communication

V New Business

A Vice Chair’s Report

-        37 out of 70 papers accepted (53%), 6 out of 13 student papers

-        3 panels accepted out of 7 proposals

-        Papers organized in 14 sessions, including the business meeting, reception, and poster session

-        Most papers come from US, China, Germany, Singapore; 31 North America, 20 Asia, 16 Europe, 3 Oceania, 0 Africa, 0 Latin America

-        Thank you to 70 volunteer reviewers! (most of the from North America, Europe, Asia,…)

-        ECD members: mainly US and Europe

-        Discussion about no-shows and cancellation policy: Skype is too unreliable, video presentations as a possibility but would open roads to many no-shows; rather opting for a strong policy (if you submit paper you confirm to come to the conference) à conversation will be continued

-        ECD: thinking about allowing certain technical solutions to reduce carbon footprint

-        Budget: from ICA 627$, 300$ each from Nanyang and Michigan State

-        Budget approved

B Strategic Plan

-        Discussion about ECD’s mission: how can our scholarship be useful for people outside academia and for other ICA divisions

-        Discussion of possibilities of working together with IECC and broadening topic to science communication

C Fall elections for secretary

-        Electoral turns need to be checked first


VI Other business

-        Discussing the possibilities of extending the division’s leadership group and whether it involves changing the bylaws

VII Awards and announcements

A Top papers awards

Top Faculty Papers:

-        Philip Solomon Hart (University of Michigan) & Lauren Feldman (Rutgers University): “The impact of climate change related imagery on public opinion and behavior change”

-        Adeline Huilin Ong, Wen Bin Nigel Lim, Shirley S. Ho, Benjamin H. Detenber (Nanyang Technological University): “Frame competition and climate change communication”

Top Student Papers:

-        Desiree Schmuck & Brigitte Naderer (University of Vienna): "Misleading consumers with green advertising? Comparing the effects of false and vague greenwashing claims”

-        Shannon Cruz (Michigan State University): ”A meta-analysis of the effect of political variables on environmental concern"

B Student travel awards

Saayan Chattopadhyay, Jadavpur University

Yanni Ma, Washington State University

Desiree Schmuck, Universität Wien (conference waiver)

C Welcome our next vice-chair and planner

D Other announcements

VIII Adjourn                              

-        Meeting adjourned.