Faculty Top Paper Awards
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Past Top Faculty Paper Awardees

2019 ICA Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Garrett M. Broad, Fordham University

Wizards, Markets, and Meat Without Animals: The Rhetoric of Plant-Based and Cell-Based Meat Innovation


Ran Duan, University of Nevada

Bruno Takahashi, Michigan State University

Adam Zwickle, Michigan State University

How Engaging Are Concrete Images? The Moderating Role of Construal Level in Climate Change Visual Communication


Sorin A. Matei, Purdue University

Rajesh Kalyanam, Purdue University

Risk-Prone and Risk-Averse Behavior in Natural Emergencies: An Appraisal Theory Approach



2018 ICA Annual Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

Marijn H. C. Meijers, University of Amsterdam

Anke Wonneberger, University of Amsterdam

Paola Remmelswaal, University of Amsterdam

Stimulating Recycling by the Use of Visual Feedback Metaphors


Suzannah Evans Comfort, Indiana University

Young Eun Park, Indiana University

On the Field of Environmental Communication: A Preliminary Review of Peer-Reviewed Literature


Graham Dixon, Ohio State University

Austin Hubner, Ohio State University

Neutralizing Political Worldviews by Communicating Scientific Agreement: A Thought-Listing Study



2017 ICA Annual Conference, San Diego, CA

Abiyot Legesse, Dilla University

Tema Oliveira Milstein, University of New Mexico

Ongaye Oda, Dilla University

Asebe Regassa, Dilla University

“Tree is Life:” The Rise of Dualism and the Decline of Mutualism among the Gedeo of Southern Ethiopia

Hang Lu, Cornell University

Jonathon Schuldt, Cornell University

What makes for persuasive portrayals of climate change victims? Exploring the role of group identity and perspective taking


Jonas Kaiser, Harvard University

Markus Rhomberg, Zeppelin U GgmbH 

Bridging the Climate Divide? Assessing the IPCC’s Agenda Building Function in German News Media, Climate Blogosphere, and Comment Sections



2015 ICA Annual Conference, San Juan, PR


Paige Brown, Louisiana State University

Zeynep Altinai, Louisiana State University

Amy Reynolds, Louisiana State University

Best Practices in Environmental Communication: A Case Study of Louisiana’s Coastal Crisis


Merav Katz-Kimchi, School of Sustainability, IDC, Herzliya

Lucy Atkinson, University of Texas, Austin

Social media and climate action: A case study of Greenpeace’s online mobilization campaigns targeting global brands


Lisa Leombruni, University of California, Santa Barbara

How You Talk About Climate Change Matters: A Communication Network Perspective on Skepticism and Belief Strength



2014 ICA Annual Conference, Seattle, WA


Zheng Janet Yang, State U of New York – Buffalo

Mihye Seo, SUNY – Albany

Laura N. Rickard, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Teresa Marie Harrison, SUNY – Albany

Extending the RISP Model: Elaboration, Policy Support, and Behavioral Intention Related to Climate Change Mitigation


Anke Wonneberger, U of Amsterdam 

Concerned, Responsible, and Guilty? Testing a Model of Guilt Arousal and Effects in Environmental Campaigns


Carrie Packwood Freeman, Georgia State U 

You Don’t Win Friends With Salad”: Vegetarian Characters at Odds With Television’s Carnonormativity



2013 ICA Annual Conference, London, UK


Edson C. Tandoc, Jr., U of Missouri

Bruno Takahashi, Michigan State U

The Changing Nature of Environmental Discourse: An Exploratory Comparison of Environmental Journalists and Bloggers



2012 ICA Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ


Jay D. Hmielowski, Yale U, USA

Erik C. Nisbet, Ohio State U, USA

Ambivalence and the Environment: News Use, Attitudinal Ambivalence, and Support for Environmental Policies


Tema Oliveira Milstein, U of New Mexico, USA

Elizabeth Dickinson, Salem College, USA

Gynocentric Greenwashing: The Discursive Gendering of Nature