2017 Meeting Minutes
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Environmental Communication Division Business Meeting

May 26, 2017


Minutes by Julia Metag


      I.         Call the Meeting to Order at 5:00pm in Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 4, Sapphire 410B


     II.         ICA Executive Committee member update (2018 conference)


Francois Hendryx presents information on the 2018 conference in Prague.


   III.         Approval of the Agenda


Agenda approved.


  IV.         Approval of Minutes from 2016 meeting


Minutes approved.


    V.         Old Business

A.    Recruitment of members

B.    Internationalization


-       Discussion of how to foster internationalization of the division

-       Some attendants of pre-conferences do not attend the main conference because fees for preconferences are lower. These attendants still have to be members of ICA. Thus, pre-conferences could be a possibility to foster internationalization.

-       One possibility to increase internationalization: Service to get papers checked for language (ICA offered that service previously).


C.   Student Rep.

-       Our student rep. Adam Rainear served for the last 3 years. He is happy to serve in the future but would also be willing to give this opportunity to someone else.

-       Serving as Student Rep. provides possibility for grad students to become involved in the division. Tasks will include the organization of the PhD pre-conference in Prague and being part of the central organizing committee of ECD.

-       Jeff Hoffmann (University of New Mexico, USA) volunteers for Student Rep.


D.   Fundraising effort and acknowledgement of supporters

-       Approaching publishers as supporters is discussed as an idea and will be pursued in the future.

-       Discussion of advocacy groups as possible sponsors. However, this idea is dismissed as it could lead to conflicts of interest.

-       Media foundations could also be approached as possible sponsors.

-       Discussion of whether it is possible to include pre-conferences in grant proposals by division members. Idea does not seem to be realistic since one usually cannot propose a full pre-conference in a grant proposal.

-       It would be helpful to provide talking points to be sent to division members, which they can use when approaching sponsors. The division will take care of this.

-       Other ideas being discussed for fundraising: One can ask sponsors for donations (vouchers, hotel rooms); crowdfunding is also a possibility.

-       A possibility to fundraise would be to include a possibility to donate money for students and members from tier 3 countries when registering for ICA in the ICA system. The division will approach ICA on this matter.


  VI.         New Business

A.    Chair’s Report (Bruno Takahashi)

-       Thanks to this year’s supporters!

-       Budget: FY 2017 Budget: 1211.36$, Expenses: 1257.28$ (not including the sponsors’ support). Budget will be breaking even when all incomes and expenses are considered.

-       Information on the two preconferences. Both went very well. Sponsors’ funding was mainly used for the two pre-conferences. Pre-conference Themes: “Strategic Environmental Communication and Exploration of Research in Crisis, Risk and Disaster” Co-organized with the Public Relations Division; “Communicating Environmental Issues Among Racial/Ethnic Minorities” Co-organized with the Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division. Thanks to Mimi Perreault for leading this effort.

-       Number of members on August 1, 2016: 198


B.    Vice Chair’s Report (Xinghua Li)

-       2017 Conference: 58 papers accepted out of 108 submissions (53.7% acceptance rate). This represents an increase of 54% in the number of submissions compared to last year’s conference (n=70). Papers organized in 11 panel sessions, plus one interactive poster session with five papers. There were no panel submissions. Paper submissions by country: North America (n=76), Europe (n=11), Asia (n=14), Oceania (n=3), Africa (n=3), Latin America (n=1).

-       Reminder of the IECA panel, which is thematically related to our division and will be a workshop based panel.

-       Reviews for 2017 Conference: Thanks to our amazing our reviewers! You did a tremendous job and helped us submit our recommendations on time. We had 76 volunteer reviewers who reviewed an average of four submissions each. 53 reviewers were from the US.

-       Discussion of creating reviewer pool. We will start reaching out to reviewers earlier on. Each paper is required to be reviewed three times.

-       Discussion of there can/ should be an incentive to review. This has been discussed at ICA board meeting but there does not appear to be much of a chance to provide incentives. What can be done is to publish the list of reviewers at the next Business Meeting.


C.   Elections

-       This year there will be elections for Vice-chair and Secretary position. If anyone is interested, please let us know.



D.   Best dissertation award (Tema Milstein)

-       The idea of introducing a best dissertation award is presented by Tema Milstein. The award should not be a monetary award.

-       Committee for the award will be needed. The division officers will approach members to serve on the committee.

-       Also discussion of the possibility to introduce a best book/ book chapter/ journal article of the year award. Division would like to introduce these awards but members will have to volunteer for the award committees.

-       Best student published paper award as another option to be discussed.



E.    Ideas for Pre and post conferences 2018

-       The division plans to hold a PhD pre-conference at ICA in Prague, 2019. At the conference, PhD students will be paired with senior faculty members to present their research. Senior faculty members will provide feedback on their work and give career advice.

-       Ideas are being discussed to hold another pre-conference which includes a workshop for student and faculty members

-       Discussion of possibility of virtual preconference, however there are mixed opinions in ICA on this topic. The ECD survey will include a question on virtual pre-conferences to get feedback on this topic from its members.


 VII.         Other business

-       Social Media: Facebook page (74 members); Activity: Take out your phones and join right now! https://www.facebook.com/groups/290772487977547 or search for the Environmental Communication Division at ICA. Tweet about the conference! Use the following hashtags: #ica17, #ica_env



VIII.         Awards and announcements

A.    Top papers awards

a.    Student awardees

-       Communicating about climate change: Labels unwittingly signal opinion. Adina Abeles (Stanford University)


b.    Faculty awardees

-       “Tree is Life:” The Rise of Dualism and the Decline of Mutualism among the Gedeo of Southern Ethiopia. Abiyot Legesse (Dilla University), Tema Oliveira Milstein, (University of New Mexico), Ongaye Oda, (Dilla University) and Asebe Regassa, (Dilla University)

-       What makes for persuasive portrayals of climate change victims? Exploring the role of group identity and perspective taking. Hang Lu (Cornell University) and Jonathon Schuldt (Cornell University)

-       Bridging the Climate Divide? Assessing the IPCC’s Agenda Building Function in German News Media, Climate Blogosphere, and Comment Sections. Jonas Kaiser (Harvard University) and Markus Rhomberg (Zeppelin U GgmbH)

-       Top Poster Award: Effects of Norm Violations on Impression Formation in a “Green” Social Network, Hwanseok Song, Cornell U, Jonathon P. Schuldt, Cornell U, Poppy McLeod, Cornell U, Rhiannon Crain, Cornell U, Janis Dickinson, Cornell U


B.    Student travel awards

-       Burak Doğu from Turkey (currently a visiting scholar at NYU)

-       Quynh Anh Nguyen from Vietnam (currently pursuing a PhD in Portugal). Also awarded a conference waiver

-       Receiver of the top student paper award was also awarded a conference waiver.


C.   Other announcements

-       None.


D.   ECD reception reminder


  IX.         Announcements

-       Tema Milstein: Book Environmental Communication Pedagogy and Practices

-       JD Thaker: Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication


    X.         Adjourn

Meeting adjourned.