2018 Meeting Minutes
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ICA Environmental Communication Division Business Meeting

May 27, 2018


Pick your info: bold notes are important for everyone J

(Minutes by Franzisca Weder)


      I.         Call the Meeting to Order at 5:00pm in Hilton Prague, LL, Madrid


     II.         ICA Executive Committee member update (2019 conference)


1.     Issue of fair use: ICA’s code of best practices in Fair Use: http://www.icahdq.org/page/FairUse (read the code!); or contact the task force: park@mx.lakeforest.edu; paufder@american.edu


2.     Information about Washington/ICA 2019 by Paula Gardner:

·      There will be problems with VISAs => immigrant lawyers and “buddies” will help out

·      Theme: Communication Beyond Boundaries

·      All conference panels will be at Hilton Washington

·      Remember: Friday – Tuesday! May 24 – 29th

·      Notes to session organizers:

o   Teleconference rooms will be available

o   Cross-divisional, interdisciplinary work desirable (add to call)

o   International panels desirable

o   Think about topics like activism, work with NGOs, and relationship to next generation, as well as techn. changes

o   Preconference on Thursday – instead, think about post-conferences: main conference has not too many rooms


   III.         Approval of the Agenda




   IV.         Approval of Minutes from 2017 meeting


Minutes approved


    V.         Old Business


A.    Recruitment of members


·      2018: 211; up from 1998 (2017); note: if we want or money and more panels we need more members - and it’s only 3 $

·      Basically, we’re in good shape J

·      Most members are members in other divisions; sometimes this is an issue; ICA has grown a lot; however, some divisions are getting smaller/some have increasing numbers; and there are lot more divisions and interest groups

·      Note: Spread the word about our wonderful division!

·      Special role of IECA people in our division; for them, ICA registration is cheaper (membership price)

·      Institutional memberships? = Open discussion in ICA


B.    Internationalization


·      There is room for improvement: still, ICA is very US-centric

·      We should consider ICA regional conferences! Southern hemisphere; meaning, if someone has a connections to someone => get in touch with the board for regional conferences (mainly Africa would be interesting!)


C.     Fundraising effort and acknowledgement of supporters


·      Thanks to this year’s supporters: Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment; UCONN communication; Comm Dept MSU

·      In the last couple of years we got money from Nanyang – not this year (didn’t want to exaggerate it) => next year, we can try it again

-       Question to everyone: How to create a more sustainable fundraising strategy?! Open discussion: Money from Universities? Publishers? It is not so much about the amount of money but the consistency of support for planning; Centers for Sustainability/Environmental comm? Philanthropy? Private foundations?


D.    Online presence


·      Facebook page – 155 members, up 74

·      Activity: Tweet about ECD & the conference!

·      New “twitter-volunteer”: Jessica J


E.     Additional awards


·      Last year: discussion to create new awards; the board heard you

·      Now: biennial dissertation award

·      other potential awards: best book, best edited book, best published article

·      General: Grad students: We want to create a place for grad students to feel more welcome

·      Questions/comments: great idea, however, review commission need further commitment! Should be a future issue! We need more Profs/Assoc. profs.;

·      Decision: we learn another year from the dr. award and then think about new/other awards


   VI.         New Business


A.    Chair’s Report (with a reference to survey data)


·      Financial report:

o   budget; we’re doing good ($ 2284,08 +)

o   Extra $ 1000; saved money by dismissing the half-year board meeting

o   Sponsors: 1050 $ (preconference); preconference $ 300/costs: $ 390

o   Travel grants ($ 600), reception ($ 610)

·      High density panels => have to be better conceptualized; the chairs have to be more involved in planning; creative formats required! Let people know about the possibility to present posters and do a round table

·      Other issue: Visual virtual aspects of the conference?

o   Doing virtual conferences - to reduce carbon footprint

o   High density panels – 3 out of 12 => continue in this direction

o   Introducing new members/junior scholars to mentors: Dissertation award, preconference => Thanks to Adina!


B.    Vice Chair’s Report


·      Paper submissions by country (see fig 1)

·      Thanks to the reviewers! It’s voluntary! 94 volunteer reviewers

·      FUTURE: Internationalization: We have to be ambassadors for more submissions from South America and Africa!!


Fig. 1: paper submissions ICA 2018, Prague



·      Rules for reviews:

è No submission of papers that are already accepted for publication

è If the paper is accepted, you should attend the conference! If you draw it back – let the organizers know immediately! Or: ask for remote presentations - skype! Or: someone else presents for you; most important: cherish the possibility to present! 

è If you submit a paper you automatically volunteer as a reviewer

è Important (!): submit an accurate, exhaustive list of (as much as possible) keywords for my reviewing expertise! Background: ICA: keyword auto-matching! Each paper has key words, each reviewer has key words -> the reviewer selection is done automatically

è Proposal to the board: Give instructions for the “right” keywords for submissions!

è Reviewers: use the comment section!


C.     Greening of ICA


·      ICA’s Sustainability Communication

·      After Richard Doherty -> Bruno now member of the committee

·      Difficult issue – ICA is still a robust organization

·      Open questions:

·      Carbon offsets

·      Food choices? Problem: contract with Hilton -> limits!

·      Let Bruno know about your ideas!!

·      Program? Is been thrown away quite often


D.    Welcome new officers


       Incoming Vice Chair: Jonathon Schuldt, Cornell University

       Incoming Secretary: Franzisca Weder, University of Klagenfurt


E.     2019 Conference planning and ideas for pre and/or post conferences


Preconference ideas => Send it to the board!

Innovative panel formats => Send it to the board!


 VII.         Awards and announcements



       First place: Who Benefits Most from the Web? Heterogeneous Effects of the Internet Access on Environmental Knowledge

       Xiaoxiao Cheng and Anfan Chen (Tsinghua University)

       Second place: Discourse in the balance: American presidential discourse about climate change

       Kevin J. Calderwood (U of Washington)

       Third place: The Frontier Myth in U.S. Offshore Wind Energy Rhetoric

       Nicolas Hernandez (U of Texas at El Paso)



       First place: Stimulating Recycling by the Use of Visual Feedback Metaphors

       Marijn H. C. Meijers, Anke Wonneberger, Paola Remmelswaal (U of Amsterdam)

       Second place: On the field of environmental communication: A preliminary review of peer-reviewed literature

       Suzannah Evans Comfort and Young Eun Park (Indiana University)

       Third place: Neutralizing political worldviews by communicating scientific agreement: A thought-listing study

        Graham Dixon and Austin Hubner (Ohio State University)



       Dr. Rain Wuyu Liu, Bellermine University

       “Waste Not, Want Not: The Influence of Injunctive Social Norms on Food Waste Prevention Behaviors in China and the U.S.”



       Malima Zacharia, University of Dar es Salaam

       Xiaoxiao Cheng, Tsinghua University



       Xiaoxiao Cheng, Tsinghua University

       Kevin J. Calderwood, University of Washington

       Nicolas Hernandez, University of Texas at El Paso 

       These are our Top Three Student Paper awardees


Note: Next year: there will be 5 conference waivers


VIII.         Additional comments


a.    Tarja Rai: Frontiers! Think about a new journal format, open access

b.    Malima: consider collaboration for publication! There are a lot of environmental issues in Africa.


   IX.         Adjourn


Meeting adjourned