2019 Meeting Minutes
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ICA Environmental Communication Division Business Meeting

May 25, 2019



(Taken by: Franzisca Weder)


Pick your info: bold notes are important for everyone J



      I.         Call the Meeting to Order at 5:00pm in Hilton Washington, Columbia 9



     II.         Approval of the Agenda




   III.         Approval of Minutes from 2017 meeting


Minutes approved


   IV.         Old Business


A.    Membership/Recruitment of members

o   210 members (211 in 2018),

o   membership starts in Oct. => variations over the year,

o   Aspects to think about:

o   US “overload” (Europe #2, Asia #3)

o   Every presenter should be(come) a member

o   Grow membership:

-       New title: “science & environmental communication”; has to be discussed because of interest group

-       Problem: arrangement of business meetings/parallel to other divisions (where to attend?)

-       More joined panels with other divisions

-       Reach out to ECREA science communication people

-       Think about cooperation/exchange with IAMCR & IECA

-       Grad students conference -> get them to the business meeting


B.    Internationalization

Tips from other divisions (slide):

o   Better advertising Tier B/C waiver opportunities & travel grants

o   Encouraging panel organizers to invite non-US/non-European scholars

o   Diversify the leadership team

o   Diversify the reviewer pool

Comments of the audience

o   Moving towards digital presentations

o   As a division, play a bigger role in regional conferences

o   Get more active on an international level -> internationalization officer (see below)

o   Do regional conferences in developing (poorer) countries -> message to ICA

o   Careful about countries that are announced: people register with their institution and not with their country of origin => US bias

Internationalization officer: new appointment

o   Function: liason across different ICA division and interest groups

o   Use the online i-platform

o   Helping bring participants from ethnic-minority communicates and the developing world

o   Identify needs of scholars from non-English-speaking countries, who might need training of particular skills (e.g. writing, data analysis)

o   Help improve ICA#S overall internationalization endeavours




    V.         New Business


A.    Chair’s Report (with a reference to survey data)

o   @Money:






o   @Pre-conferences, feedback:

o   Positive, good organization

o   Recommendations:

§  Grad students precon not parallel to others

§  Grad students precon stronger focus on interactive formats

o   @Sponsors: Thanks to Cornell’s Roper Center, UCONN’s Communication Dept, MSU’s College of Comm Arts and Sciences, Indiana University’s Media School and Global Center, Routledge

o   @Social Media: Thanks to Jessica (Twitter presence); need more people get connected via facebook (now: 254 members, went up from 155 last year)


B.    Vice Chair’s Report

·      Submission & acceptance stats

§  64 individual papers accepted out of 107 submissions (60% acceptance rate)

§  = Increase of 6% increase in the acceptance rate compared to last year (54%)

§  1 panel proposal accepted out of 4 panel submissions (25% acceptance rate). A similar acceptance rate compared to last year (28%)

§  All accepted papers were organized in 13 panel sessions, plus one interactive poster session with 6 papers

·      @Issue of panel submissions

§  Traditionally not many panel submissions -> should be changed

§  Panels as way to internationalize (see above)

§  Panels as way to bring in people from other fields/interest groups

§  Panels es option to try out blue sky/new formats; i.e. research escalators

§  Mini-calls for panels in our main call?

·      @Submissions by countries


·      @Reviewers

§  80 volunteer reviewers who reviewed an average of 4 submissions each

§  52 reviewers were from the US

§  Future options/rquirements:

a.    Tacitly/automatically a reviewer?

b.    Norm to volunteer as a reviewer?

§  For all reviewers: Submit qualitative comments!!!


C.     Upcoming elections

·      Secretary & vice chair

·      Student rep & international liaison officer

·      Candidate info and statements due on July, 15th, 2919

·      Election period begins on Sept., 1st, 2019


D.    Dissertation Award 2020

·      Nomination letter and manuscript due March, 1st, 2020

·      Phd/dissertation has to be successfully defended between Jan, 1st, 2018 and Dec., 31st, 2019



E.     Gold Coast 2020

·      Stay at hotel block

·      Book budget airlines & as early as possible

·      Apply visas ahead of time

·      Get more members in Asian Pacific region to come!

·      Have fun in Australia!


F.     Pre-Conferences 2020?

·      Southern Cross University & Griffith are interested – any topic in EC



G.    ICA Sustainability Committee report (Bruno): issues discussed

·      Carbon offsets (no official votes yet, working on the agenda)

·      ECD should signal sth!

·      Discussion topics ICA fully vegan, remote presentations



   VI.         Awards and announcements



·      “Placing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Nationhood, Place, and Colonialism in the Trash Isles Campaign”; Taylor N. Johnson & Duncan Stewart (University of Utah)



1.     “Wizards, Markets, and Meat Without Animals: The Rhetoric of Plant-Based and Cell-Based Meat Innovation”; Garrett M. Broad (Fordham University)

2.     “How Engaging Are Concrete Images? The Moderating Role of Construal Level in Climate Change Visual Communication”; Ran Duan (University of Nevada), Bruno Takahashi & Adam Zwickle (Michigan State University)

3.     “Risk-Prone and Risk-Averse Behavior in Natural Emergencies: An Appraisal Theory Approach”; Sorin A. Matei & Rajesh Kalyanam (Purdue University)



·      “Localized Climate Change Information Networks: Agricultural Producers in the Andean Region”; Jessica Eise & Eric Wiemer, Purdue University



Taylor N. Johnson



·      Chunhui You, Zhejiang University of Technology

·      Nainan Wen, Nanjing University




 VII.         Additional comments


·      University of California Press: “Environmental Communication, Power and Culture” Book Series https://www.ucpress.edu/series/ecpc/environmental-communication-power-and-culture

·      Rowman & Littlefield: Publishing Trends in Environmental Communication (presentation)



VIII.         BM Adjourned