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Teresa Award: Call for Nominations and Selection Committee


The Teresa Award recognizes work from established feminist scholars who have made significant contributions to the development, reach and influence of feminist scholarship in communication and/or media studies.


The Feminist Scholarship Division seeks: (1) nominees for the Teresa Award for the Advancement of Feminist Scholarship; and (2) volunteers willing to serve on the Teresa Awards Committee to help choose among the nominees.


Those wishing to serve on the committee should hold a doctoral degree and have a depth of familiarity with feminist communication scholarship. Service on the committee requires a minimal commitment of time in March after the nominations are in. Please indicate your interest in serving on the Teresa Award Committee by sending an email to the co-chairs of the Teresa Award Committee, Carolyn Byerly ( and Natalia Rybas (


Those interested in nominating a feminist scholar for the award should inform co-chairs of the Teresa Award Committee about their intent. The nominating materials should be submitted to the co-chairs no later than March 1, 2020 (EST).

For further details, visit this page.