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2016 ICA Conference (Fukuoka, Japan) 

  • 2016 "Just Games?" Pre-Conference

    Very special thanks to Teresa Lynch (Indiana U, USA) for organizing the "Just Games?" event, and for the many members who took photos for our album below - in particular, Jessica Tompkins (Indiana U, USA). 

 2015 ICA Conference (San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA)

  • 2015 Game Studies Expo Both

    Organized by Howard Fisher (Scranton U, USA), Puerto Rico featured three days of Game Studies research posters, research video game demonstrations, and general dicussion of games scholarship as part of the larger ICA expo hall. Special thanks to Colorado State University Department of Journalism and Media Communciation for sponsoring our presence in the booth. 

  • 2015 "Gaming Bodies" Pre-Conference

    Many thanks to Jaime Banks (West Virginia U, USA) for organizing the 2015 "Gaming Bodies" Pre-Conference, and Nick Bowman (West Virginia U, USA) and Daniel Pietschmann (TU-Chemnitz, Germany) for sharing photos of the event with us, linked below from our Facebook page

2014 ICA Conference (Seattle, WA, USA)

  • 2014 candid shots

    During our time in Seattle, many Game Studies members shared various photos and other candid shots from in and around the conference site. Scroll through the album below, and put faces to the names of many of our game scholars! 

2011 ICA Conference (Boston, MA, USA)

  • 2011 Virtual Conference Session Video

    At its 2011 conference, ICA introduced an entirely new stream of conference content available online to folks anywhere in the world, over the Internet as well as those present in Boston.  Click the link at right to view an archive of the Game Studies Special Interest Group's virtual conference paper session, which was held at the conference site and streamed to virtual conference participants worldwide.  

  • 2011 Conference Photos

    The Game Studies Special Interest Group hosted a number of activities at the 2011 ICA Conference, including competitive paper sessions, panel sessions, the group's business meeting, and social activities.  Click the link below to see a few photos of Game Studies Special Interest Group Members from the 2011 ICA Conference.

If you have more images or video to share with the group, please contact Game Studies Division chair Nick Bowman or vice-chair Julia Kneer.