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Dear all,

The Global Communication & Social Change Division  needs to elect the following officers

    * Secretary
    * SEC (STUDENT AND EARLY CAREER) Representative 
    * International Liaison

this year.

Nominations are due to me asap - before July 21st preferable so I can send the information over to the ICA leadership on time.

Once elected, the people holding the positions start at the end of ICA Australia conference 2020 and continue in the positions until the end of ICA Paris conference 2022.

Job descriptions:

SEC Rep:

Job description:

- represent student and early career scholars at the level of both our interest group and the ICA-wide Student and Early Career Advisory Committee (SECAC)
- exchange information between SECAC and our interest group
- organize ICA GCSC Studies Interest group meet-ups between senior and junior scholars at the ICA annual conference
- participate in the organization of events dedicated to students and early career scholars during the conference
- participate in the annual SECAC reception fundraising
- contribute to ICA newsletter

- be a member of ICA Global Communication and Social Change Division
- be a student OR early career researcher who has obtained their diploma within the past five years

Job description:
- gather opinions and feedback from members of our interest group, especially new members from less represented cultures, for example, at times of the annual conference, and convey them to ICA GCSC chair, or other relevant bodies at ICA, in order for them to receive more social support and feel more welcomed at the Association
- liaise across the divisions and interest groups on general issues that go beyond any given unit of ICA
- assist in the planning of ICA annual conferences, helping the co-chairs to pay attention to participants from ethnic-minority communities and the developing world who may need extra help
- identify the needs of young scholars, especially those from non-English-speaking countries, who may need the training of particular skills (e.g., writing, data analysis), relay them to ICA Membership and Internationalization Committee or other relevant bodies, who will design ways to meet such needs
- participate in and facilitate other ICA internationalization activities such as regional conferences, mentorship programs
- take initiatives to suggest new ideas for improving ICA’s overall internationalization endeavors

- be a member of ICA Global Communication and Social Change Division


Job Description:

1] Write meetings at Annual business meetings
2] Manage social media accounts

- be a member of ICA Global Communication and Social Change Division

email me at radhik[at] with your bio and vision statement for the position you are nominating yourself for.  

If you are nominating someone else - please make sure they know you are nominating them and that they have agreed to be nominated.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Chris Patterson, the vice chair of the division for more information. 


Radhika Gajjala
Chair, Global Communication and Social Change Division